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Ep 069 - Prescription Meds and Depletion of Vital Nutrients

Prescription drugs are chemicals. Not only do they add toxins to your body, but these chemicals deplete vital nutrients from your body. These are nutrients that our cells NEED to create energy and function properly. So at minimum, if you're taking any kind of drugs you need to also be taking some type of nutrient therapy. In our practice, we utilize a lot of infusion therapies — IV treatments with nutrients — because whenever you receive anything as an infusion you bypass the intestinal tract. This ensures that 100% of what you're getting is absorbed and available for use.

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S2 Ep01 - Michele Warner, Executive Director of MMC and Donna J

We support people through all stages of cancer and all phases of their cancer treatment through the use of dietary recommendations, intravenous vitamin C, and intravenous nutrient support including iv glutathione. This is a story of hope from one of our patients who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to her liver and bones. She is making exceptional progress and she wants you to know about it.