Ep 065 - Life Quality Should Be High Until You Die!

In this short episode Dr Maulfair talks about a few things including:

  • How we've been conditioned by mainstream medicine that symptoms are what to look for to indicate illness or disease. Waiting till we have symptoms of illness is not the way to stay healthy. By the time symptoms are present (especially with chronic degenerative diseases) it is already the end stage of the disease process — and it's all the harder to restore health. Don't buy into the notion that symptoms of illness are normal as we age. That's simply NOT true. Life quality should be high until you die!
  • Most people in America are malnourished — not because they are not getting enough food to eat, but because the food they are eating does not have the essential nutrients we need to maintain health.
  • The best and simplest diet you could ever ask for basically follows this: You eat it if it grew, flew, ran, or swam; and you shun it if it comes in a bag, a box, a bottle, or a can.

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