Ep 062 - Robert Sanford, DMD - Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, and the Bacteria in Your Mouth

Robert Sanford, DMD is an accomplished and highly experienced cosmetic dentist. If you missed the first time he joined Dr Maulfair and discussed what drove him to become a dentist, be sure to check it out. On Part 2 of his conversation with Dr Maulfair, you heard how poor dental health contributes to chronic degenerative diseases, and, in some cases, can actually lead to death. In Part 3, we discussed how the mouth is the gateway to the body.

In this latest installment of conversations between Dr Maulfair and Dr Sanford, you may be surprised to hear of the connection between the bacteria in your mouth — both the good and the bad — and heart disease, heart attacks, and high cholesterol. Again, Dr Maulfair reminds us for overall health it's essential to have a healthy gut microbiome — the microscopic bacteria contents in the intestinal tract — which, of course, begins in your mouth. 

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