Ep 059 - Robert Sanford, DMD - Sanford Center for Total Health Dentistry, Part 1

Robert Sanford, DMD is an accomplished and highly experienced cosmetic dentist. On this episode — the first of several with Dr Sanford — you'll get to know him a little bit. Hear how and why he got into dentistry — it's actually a rather funny story! Believe it or not, a candy store and a lot of sugar had much to do with it!

Although his patients can have whiter teeth and the perfect smile within a couple of appointments or even a couple of hours, it's more than just about beautiful smiles at the Sanford Center for Total Health Dentistry. Dr Sanford is interested in promoting the long-term health benefits of dentistry. Using advanced technologies and applying the latest cosmetic techniques, he can straighten, reshape, and whiten teeth to achieve elegantly beautiful results that literally leave his patients smiling.

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