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Dr Maulfair and I are very excited to be able to bring Mr. Hubbard's practical detoxification program to our friends and patients. You can read about it on the internet at This is the program that has helped so many in this country and across the world including the victims of the Chernobyl disaster in Russia. If you check out your local bookstore you will find a book called "Clear Body Clear Mind" by Mr Hubbard. Dr Maulfair is acutely aware of the toxins harming most people's health and barring the full recovery of their vitality. Utilizing this detoxification program we can help people eliminate most toxins stored in body fat. You will hear a great deal about this in the months to come. Stay tuned.

CHELATION SUCCESS — from Dr Maulfair

I want to give you a history of one of our chelation patients and his studies as he progressed through a chelation program with us. Our patient had an emergency bypass surgery in 1986 following a failed angioplasty. In 1997 he developed symptoms and another angioplasty was done of the previously bypassed arteries that had blocked again and another bypass surgery. The patient was frustrated due to all the surgery as he did not drink or smoke, his cholesterol levels were good and he ate well and exercised. One of the functions routinely looked at is ejection fraction which is the measure of how effectively the heart is pumping blood, the ideal range is around 50-55% depending on the technology used to measure it. This patient had an ejection fraction of 60-70% the end of 1997 after the second bypass surgery. He was hospitalized twice in January of 1998 with chest pain and unstable angina, drug therapy was the only recommendation. He had a catheterization done in January of 1998 with an ejection fraction of 53% and evidence of damage to the heart and decreased circulation.

The patient started a chelation program with us February of 1998. He continued to see his cardiologist and a stress test in January of 1999 revealed his ejection fraction to be 60% with no longer any evidence of damage to the heart and there was less evidence of decreased circulation. Another stress test in January of 2000 revealed the ejection fraction to have increased to 66% and no evidence of heart damage and NO evidence of decreased circulation. A repeat stress test in January of 2001 showed the ejection fraction at 62% (in average range) and again no evidence of decreased circulation or heart damage. Another stress test in January of 2002 revealed his ejection fraction increased to 72%, the highest it has been in five years and again no evidence of decrease circulation or heart damage. He continues on his chelation program. How is that for evidence of effectiveness. His cardiologist is supportive of his chelation program.

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Radiation Spill near Philadelphia & Fallout from Fukushima Affects Your Health

Please read this article if you have not been updated about a radiation spill from Limerick outside of Philadelphia.  The radiation from this spill has affected millions.  Radiation is not about one exposure it is about the accumulated radiation you have on board.  Fatigue, digestive problems and other malaise can be due to this accumulation.  There is something you can do to reduce the radioactive load you might be having ill effects from;  check out our website and plan to attend our next seminar on this topic December 1st if  you  missed the seminar last evening.
With radiation spilling into the Schuylkill river it will be affecting your drinking water, but also remember, that is the same water you are using on your organic gardens.  Now the news is getting worse, we have not been monitoring the radiation levels from Fukushima in the US for some months, why would monitoring stop?  You need to answer that question for yourself and this article should help

I realize this is a great deal of reading but if you are not informed you will not be able to help yourself and your family.  Reducing the amount of radiation in your body is possible, the program we use in our medical center was used to help the victims of Chernobyl in the Soviet Union.  Time to be informed.