Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Warning

You know we are in trouble as a society when a pharmaceutical company recommends the use of a drug for people not only with no symptoms but who should take the drug simply because they are alive and over 18.  That is right, Crestor, the registered trademark of a cholesterol lowering drug.  Funny stuff.  Right next to the article recommending this was an article with old news that nutrients like vitamin C and others do not help avoid heart attacks or health problems.  Want to bet?
Buy and read Malignant Medical Myths by Joel M. Kauffman, Ph.D. and pharmacist.  You will find a chapter in the book on page 34 discusses the studies done on vitamin E that are being cited in bad news medical press used synthetic vitamin E and it showed no effects on health outcomes due to the fact that the study was of people already eating a “Mediterranean Diet” , on and on.

The Crestor study article went on to say that the people who participated in the study had low or no risk for heart disease and were younger.  Well…. read the study yourself and see what you think and then pick up Dr. Kauffman’s book and learn what the problems are with studies and how to read them.  Did you know the abstract will often state an outcome not born out in the data of the study itself.  It is amazing how far a drug company will go to make their market share grow and how few of us read the basis for their harmful recommendations.  They count on us to be in the dark and unwilling to take the time to do the work of research. 

Research and then decide what health care to pursue. 

We have some people in our sauna program so I am very busy these days but I will try to get to my blog more often.  Every day there is something else I want to tell you.  Coleen