Problems with Cholestorol Lowering Drugs

There is an excellent discussion of problems of statin drugs including the statin-cancer connection in an article written by Brian Peskin with David Sim MD and Amid Habib MD.entitled “Statins and cancer- the hidden story”.   You can access this article and more at  This information is important for all of us to understand and utilize; we need to call attention to it.  The role of cholesterol in the body can easily be understood when you read the complete article, there is no substitute for personal understanding.
Many medical journal articles are cited exposing the link between cancer and statins; “Several trials of cholesterol lowering with drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease events have demonstrated an increase in cancer incidents in the subjects treated with lipid-altering drugs.” an example that appeared in Cancer Research.

This subject is easier to understand when you realize cholesterol is essential for life itself.  The role of cholesterol in health is enormous; it is not cholesterol that is the problem it is damaged cholesterol that becomes the problem in the case of heart disease.  One other point, lowering cholesterol with statin drugs does not reduce the incidence of strokes.   There are other experts who believe we will see the connection between these drugs and the increase in Alzheimer’s disease. 

Our medical center is encouraging people to grasp these medical facts, cholesterol is essential in healthy aging.  The role of dietary oils in health is very important.  Daily consumption of oils is a health secret.  Keep learning and remember, use your physician as a consultant but not substitute for the final decisions, which are yours.