Harm from Antibiotics

Some antibiotics are getting new black box warnings, finally.  There is a large group of  people who have suffered all kinds of ailments due to newer antibiotics prescribed for simple problems like sinus conditions.  The FDA is adding black box warnings to some fluoroquinolone type antibiotics.  The side effects of these antibiotics can harm normal function of the entire body.
Dr. Maulfair consistently recommends people stay away from new drugs. The side effects of prescription drugs are not fully known until after the American public has been used as test subjects.  After marketplace trials of some years careful research will turn up the problems.   Awful but true.   In the case of newer antibiotics, the more I learn the more alarmed I am because there are people with chronic problems that may be nothing more than side effects of earlier prescription antibiotic use.  Think of all the doctors visits and more meds being used for side effects of earlier medications, crazy.

We can help, our sauna program rids the body of stored toxins.  Doctors are telling people these drugs are out of their bodies in a week, an outright lie.  How is it that ingesting antibiotics when you eat meat is bad for your health if they cleared the body in a week?  They do not.  They store in adipose tissue and that is what the sauna program handles.  It is not just any sauna program but the program described in “Clear Body Clear Mind” by Hubbard.   Studies are available from the links at drmaulfair.com and purelyyoudetox.com. 

If you suspect you are ill due the use of prescription drugs come and see us, we are here everyday to answer questions in person or by phone.  You can also get updates and more information on the damage caused by these antibiotics from MedicationSense.com.  Whatever you do look into this issue BEFORE you need ithe information, before you are ill and have to decide.  When given a choice use the older antibiotics with a track record you can investigate.  We all need to work to be as informed as possible on this issue, for ourselves, our families, our friends and our children.  Let us know if you think you have been harmed.   Coleen Maulfair