Last week I was all stoked to write an article in defense of good manners, care for one another and truth. Fed up with the daily examples of bad of manners demonstrated by simple things like roadside trash in Pennsylvania, or few acts of kindness, truth, or decency in life around me and in the press I felt like screaming for all the noise to stop. I decided not to write it but I have changed my mind.
I see the demonstration of bad manners in the garbage along the roads I drive as a minor disappointment contrasted with the impact of tasteless, degrading topics and programs on television and the hateful public belittling of good people. Many times I have commented about how thankful I am my child is grown and not at home; there is little on the public airwaves I can stomach let alone accept knowing its influence in our homes with children. I used to think a home without a television was an extreme response but even if you watch the educational channels you have commercials pop up that are not even appropriate for adults let alone kids. It is as if the worst dirty jokes, the most degrading observations of others are preferred. I look around and wonder who in my life prefers this and I find no one. Not one.

You can see productive, positive people made fun of any time of day on any station or paper. “It goes with the territory”, I think not. Do you ever wonder who is behind such campaigns?

What kind of person would spend any time trying to critizise Oprah? Her good works are many. She is a person of great goodwill. Who did not appreciate the excitement of Tom jumping on the couch over Katie, when he first introduced her to the public? My husband said everyone missed the fact that he is so fit he could make that jump!!! The audience loved it. Shortly thereafter the psyches and pharmaceutical companies saw their chance. They cannot bear enthusiastic emotions let alone good things in life!! Perhaps it was then you let your attitude change, can happen. I also remember reading the Gentleman’s Quarterly article on Cruise and quietly thanking them for their friendly and timely pages of an interview with Tom. They were not taken in and must not be totally driven by ad dollars.

There are so many Oprahs and Toms that suffer the same public ridicule and I am totally and completely fed up. There are thousands of good doctors across this country that are openly criticized because they cross someone else’s business interest with complementary alternative medicine. Critics who cannot help their fellow man cannot resist the chance to bring down people who do or to lie about effective medical treatments. There are doctors in this country who work hard helping people with serious chronic diseases and there are nincompoops who write page after page in criticism and lies about effective non-prescription-drug treatments. I have experienced enough of this already!! It is a form of hatred. You do not agree with someone’s views so you make fun of them, or worse.

My very special neighbors have a sign in their home expressing their philosophy. I need to share it with you.

“Small people talk about others.
Normal people talk about things.
Intelligent people talk about ideas.”

That sums up how I want to live and love and associate. When you do not, you encourage explosive hatred. I do not want to live in a society of carping critics whose business interests are hidden. Who drives these people? Who appreciates their work? There are so few of them let’s stop giving them our ears.

I will actively support people of goodwill and speak out when others do not.

Coleen Maulfair