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Ep 074 - The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Prevent Cancer

As Dr Maulfair always says, the best treatment for any chronic disease is taking measures to sustain health, and prevent disease in the first place. Disease can ONLY occur in the absence of health. That sounds philosophical, but it's not. It's an actual fact. However, on this episode, Dr Maulfair does share a little philosophy on health. See what you think.

If you listen to our podcast regularly, you'll know there are many episodes where we give you information on how to maintain health and prevent disease, including the show on The Ultimate Cancer Prevention Program. However, if you could only choose one thing to do — only one — to prevent cancer, what do you think that would be? On this episode Dr Maulfair shares with you what he says, in his humble opinion, is the SINGLE BEST thing you can do to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.

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