autoimmune disorders

Ep 066 - Toxic Metals Are Called Toxic For A Reason

Toxic metal exposure, including mercury and aluminum, is getting more attention as a leading cause of autism and other diseases. Children, beginning at birth, are receiving more vaccines than ever before.

The degree of toxicity and the effect toxins have vary from person to person because everyone is unique. But TOXINS are still TOXIC to everybody. How much we can tolerate before they do damage and it becomes obvious shouldn't be the question. The question should be: How do we remove our exposure to toxins and toxic metals in the first place?

Our bodies can only handle so many toxins before they malfunction and say "Look, I can't handle any more!" We then become symptomatic — which then is often handled by additional toxic exposures (pharmaceutical drugs). There ARE many alternatives — including improving the quality of your health — so in turn, you can tolerate many abuses more effectively than if you are ill to begin with.

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