S2 Ep20 - This patient says he's "not supposed to be this healthy"

After being under Dr Maulfair's car, this patient calls himself "a freak of nature." In his own words, he says he's "not supposed to be this healthy." Prior to seeing Dr Maulfair, he was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, his blood pressure was borderline, his hips and shoulders were ailing him, he had extreme fatigue and could barely make it through each day. He went from doctor to doctor trying to get better, similar to what this patient also did. He now has a newfound zest for life. Hear his entire story on this episode. Just wait till you hear what his cardiovascular health currently is! He's currently 61 years of age, but at 11 mins and 25 secs into this episode he reveals what his arterial age is as a result of being under Dr Maulfair's treatment. You won't believe it.

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