Ep 115 - It's NOT A Healthcare System, It's A Disease Care System

The current standard of medical care in the United States is NOT a healthcare system, it's a disease care system.

  • It's NOT health insurance, it's disease insurance.

  • Don’t believe that? Go to the doctor when you feel fine and aren’t experiencing any symptoms. See how they act and what they say.

  • A symptom is NOT a disease, it's a symptom of a disease.

  • At the Maulfair Medical Center, we practice the old paradigm of restoring health.

  • We concentrate on things that restore health, as opposed to things that suppress a symptom of lost health.

  • If you have health, you don't have disease. And if you don't have disease, you don't have symptoms. That’s very simple, very basic. And the best part is — it’s doable!

You CAN be healthier than you are. You CAN live a higher quality of life. Just get educated. That's where we come in. Continue listening to our podcast, attend one of our free seminars, or give us a call. 610-682-2104

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