Ep 067 - How To Know If You Should Leave a Tumor or Lesion Alone

Dr Maulfair speaks with Dr Robert Bard of the Bard Cancer Center in NYC. Robert L Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS is internationally known and recognized as a leader in the field of 21st Century 3D ULTRASONOGRAPHIC VOLUMETRIC DOPPLER IMAGING. Dr Bard specializes in advanced 3D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma, and other areas.

He's been on our podcast before, but he's back again to talk about some more of the latest technology and data regarding imaging. Because of his safe and superior alternative to other diagnostic tools, such as mammography, many people are learning being diagnosed with cancer does not necessarily have to mean a death sentence.

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