Commercial announcement from Dr. Maulfair

This is different, not the same old “disease care”.

I want to introduce our services to you. I am an independent physician providing care to my patients for over 40 years utilizing many medical anti-aging and cutting edge treatment modalities. The only thing missing in our center is a heavy reliance on pharmaceutical drugs as a treatment; we do not need them as we stress health and returning the body to normal function. We treat underlying causes of health problems. We relieve symptoms, but symptoms are the road signs pointing the way to the underlying problem, not the health problem itself.

I understand the problems of aging, I have been taking care of people who want to be vital, full of energy and in charge of their lives as they age and face normal problems of approaching menopause, andropause and chronic illness. You need a medical philosophy and practice you can count on to work and IMPROVE your condition, without merely tolerating illness.

My father, also an osteopathic physician who was a founding doctor of the Allentown Osteopathic Hospital, now St. Luke’s Hospital, stressed the importance of vitamins and minerals and osteopathic manipulation in our home. When I finished medical school I was trained to diagnose, recommend the proper medication and do osteopathic manipulative therapy as well as minor surgeries, I was not trained in the importance of nutrition and nutrients. After some years in clinical practice and further training in radiology, I realized my patients were coming back with the same complaints. Drugs and surgeries did not address the real cause of their health problems. I decided to study and train from a different perspective. Health. A novel idea. What does the body utilize to maintain health and fight off the problems of aging and disease? I found numerous “alternative” “complementary” treatment choices I could offer my patients and actually see them return to health and maintain it.

My own parents became my patients for the last decades of their lives and lived independently and in good health until they were 93 when they each died after short months of care. They lived long lives in health without intense medical interventions.

This is the life I wish for my patients, my family, and myself. Join us, we have room for you.