One Who Pays Calls the Shots

Remember college days?  If you earned your way you called the shots, if  your parents payed they called the shots.  Same with health care.  Insurance company called the shots in the past and now it will be the government increasingly over the coming months.  Disaster awaits. Most people will listen to their health care providers and do what is offered even when it is not the best option.   When your doctor offers you fewer options and says he cannot “do that” please realize he can if you pay for it.  Please realize there are providers who stand ready and able to help you and sometimes it will be for less than  your premiums costs and co-pays.
Our medical center helps people regain and retain their health…your best defense against government run health care is not to need it.  If you do need help we have some resources for you that not only will inform you but steer to toward doctors and services you may not know about.

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