Ep 121 - Top 10 Drugs Linked to Overdose Deaths

Dr Maulfair starts by talking about a study that has shown deaths from drug overdoses increased by over 50% in the last 8 years. He reminds us of the standard medical philosophy of using a pharmaceutical to relieve a symptom of a problem, rather than addressing the problem. Remember though — you CAN NOT restore health by suppressing the symptom of disease, or “lost health.” You must address the CAUSE of the symptoms therapeutically — and NOW you’re talking about REAL health restoration!

Hear about the dangers of benzodiazepines, sometimes called "benzos", and often referred to as “bennies.” The two most well-known drugs prescribed to assist people sleep and deal with anxiety are Valium® and Xanax®. Why are these drugs so over-prescribed and causing so many health issues — even death? Well, as the author of this one study says, ”It’s easier to get medication paid for, than to get counseling paid for.”

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