Ep 046 - The Intelligent Alternative to Biopsy with Dr Robert Bard

Dr Maulfair speaks with Dr Robert Bard of the Bard Cancer Center in NYC. Robert L Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS is internationally known and recognized as a leader in the field of 21st Century 3D ULTRASONOGRAPHIC VOLUMETRIC DOPPLER IMAGING. Dr Bard specializes in advanced 3D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma, and other areas.

On previous episodes, you've heard us talk about thermography for breasts and other parts of the body. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Bard’s practice offers unique forms of sonography — which is another fantastic, noninvasive diagnostic tool to evaluate blood flow related to tumor activity and to identify areas of suspicion. More tumor vessels signify more aggressive disease. The Bard Cancer Center's 3D analysis provides rapid results available to the patient during the visit. Hear about all of this, and more, on this episode.

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