Health Restoration Successes — Hormonal Problems


I am 42 years old and had quite a list of health problems. For years, I worked long hours, didn't sleep or eat right, stopped exercising, and took the Birth Control pill for 23 years. I did not take care of myself. My hair was thin, dry, falling out and losing its natural color. My eyes no longer sparkled. My vision was becoming worse. My tongue was swollen. The dark circles under my eyes were only getting darker. I couldn't think. Daily tasks would be so draining. I couldn't focus on how to do or handle things that would normally be done without thought. I was constantly in a heavy fog. The psoriasis on my elbows, rashes on my body and severe athlete's feet was more that uncomfortable & embarrassing. I had too much weight for my frame and it was mainly all around my hips, stomach & legs. The constipation was so bad; I couldn't have a bowel movement for days. Bloating and gas were daily symptoms. It was difficult to breathe at times; it was like I couldn't take a deep breath. I felt like I was gasping for air. My legs were restless & would severely cramp during the day & night. I couldn't bump into something without easily bruising. My circulation was so poor, my hands and feet felt so cold to the point were I would cry. I could no longer go on, I was falling apart. I had to take care of myself or die. I needed to detox. I decided to go off the Birth Control pill in December of 2009. In January 2010, my hormones were severely unbalanced and I had large, multiple, painful uterine fibroids. Sex was no longer part of my life because of the fibroids. I have been to so many doctors who all took tests and stated "You're fine. You're just stressed out - and a hysterectomy can be done to take care of the fibroids". How can I be fine I thought? When a doctor wanted to rip a part of my insides out, I prayed for an alternative choice. I made an appointment with Dr. Maulfair in June 2010. So many tests were done. As I suspected, I have a severe yeast problem. My hormones were also imbalanced among many other issues. Dr. Maulfair placed me on a strict Candida diet regimen along with a vitamin & supplement regimen. I started this program the end of July 2010. In one month I felt extremely better. By the end of September 2010, I noticed something. Looking back over the years, with all my poor health issues, I thought I had energy. I realized I did not. I was always pushing myself to the limit. Pushing myself to do things. I such a short time, I was better. Much better. My hair is growing & not losing its natural color. My vision stopped deteriorating. The sparkle is my eyes have returned. My skin has significantly cleared up and has become soft. My feet no longer burn or crack. My tongue is no longer swollen. Constipation is not a problem anymore. My fibroids have shrunk. I lost weight. When I bump into things, I don't bruise. I can breathe easily. My legs no longer cramp. Sex is part of my life again. I can concentrate and the fog bank has disappeared. My hands & feet are warmer. I'm happy, really happy. So happy, that I actually giggle. I haven't giggled since I was a little girl. The energy inside me is amazing. I no longer push myself to do things. Now, I "want" to do things. Friends & family have noticed so many changes in me. Even strangers give me compliments that I "look good". Having experienced all these improvements in a few months, I anxiously await the future. Knowing, I will continue to improve. I thank Dr. Maulfair and Coleen for doing what they do. The free seminars they provide have opened my eyes to a new healthy world. Dr. Maulfair's staff is wonderful. They greet you with smiles, and provide so much care. From the bottom of my heart, I am so very grateful to the Maulfair Medical Center. They are a God-send and have saved my life. I realize it's so easy now. Just make an appointment, tell Dr. Maulfair what is wrong, what doesn't feel right, and what health improvements you would like to see. He listens to you and helps you regain a healthy life. It is now October 21, 2010. I am now 42 years young and have a smile on my face. I thank you Dr. Maulfair and his caring staff.

S. I.

About two years ago I read a book about bioidentical hormone replacement. The information I had read made perfect sense to me so I went to my doctor and discussed getting bioidentical hormones as opposed to the hormone therapy I was currently on. Well I got no where with my doctor, he said hormones are hormones etc. and I left his office feeling very discouraged. I dropped the idea. I recently read yet another book, by the same author, about bioidentical hormones but this time there were resources in the back of the book and there was Dr. Maulfair's name, address and phone number. I made an appointment with Dr. Maulfair and was pleased to know that he gets it!!! Upon talking with Dr. Maulfair he explained to me the importance of correcting my overall health and not just my hormones. I have had tests to help determine what course of treatments I may need. Dr. Maulfair has changed my diet, supplements and started me on any IV therapies the tests have indicated I need. I have been coming to the Maulfair Medical Center for about two months now and I feel great!! My energy has increased; I am losing weight, my skin looks better just to name a few changes I have noticed so far and my treatment has just begun. I have never been to a facility where the doctor and his staff, every one of them, was so pleasant, caring and obviously are passionate about their work. They always have time for my questions and are very professional.

D. H.