Health Restoration Successes — Heart Disease


Dear Dr. Maulfair, et al:
I would like to share my health care experiences regarding your treatments with any people who would be considering your chelation or related services, and I do so without a demand for, or acceptance of, any type of compensation. We started together in late 1999. I had been examined by three cardiologists. While lying on a table with a catheterization device in place, it was recommended by the agreement of all three that I should endure an open-heart, quadruple bypass operation. In fact, it was intimated that I might not last out the week unless this procedure were employed. My diabetes was an important issue that they used to bolster their arguments. I refused. I employed the internet to search for alternative treatments. After a good bit of research and one of your seminars, I chose chelation therapy and your services as my best option. Until your acceptance of me as a patient, I was dosed with thirteen medications. Even so, my blood pressure was in the lower range of being dangerous. Within ninety days of your treatment, my blood pressure was that of a teenager. I was free of symptoms, and free of ANY of my thirteen medications. I no longer needed nor could I tolerate insulin. I must admit that I did follow your prescriptions and directions with a vengeance. Those cardiologists frightened me, but your treatments calmed all my fears. Nearly fourteen years later, I am still going strong. (Yesterday, I spent a good bit of the day working in our garden- hard work.) Please accept my profound appreciation for your caring and effective treatments, and those of each member of your efficient staff.
Yours sincerely,

I had very high blood pressure and a mini stroke and I was on the verge of congestive heart failure. After being treated by Dr. Maulfair the echo cardiogram showed I was "dramatically" improved. "Dramatically" is the word my cardiologist used. I stopped the clock and I am getting younger! I take some medication prescribed by my cardiologist and Dr. Maulfair is prescribing nutrients and chelation therapy. I feel safer here than anywhere.

- J.S.

In 2001 I had a catheter test at Reading Hospital and was found to have 3 blocked arteries. One 50%. one 70% and one 80% blocked. In 2012 this test was repeated and all my arteries were found to be clear--- NO BLOCKAGES. I have been doing chelation therapy for the past several years and it appears to have been very successful. Thank you Dr. Maulfair!!

- J.G.

One day I couldn’t get out of my car seat because of a previous back injury. So I drove myself to Dr. Maulfair’s office. In about an hour I was walking out without any pain. I also left his office with the knowledge of what was causing the pain and how to keep it from happening again. Previous physicians would only medicate the symptoms, they never tried to prevent it. This experience was my first exposure to Dr. Maulfair and that was over ten years ago. For almost another decade I became concerned about what I was seeing around me: all the problems with the American diets, high blood pressure, growing heart problems, diabetes and all the drugs that were being taken to alleviate these conditions. Hardly ever did I see anything said about prevention. Researching alternatives I saw Dr. Maulfair’s advertisement for healing the body naturally and decided to give it a try. During this time period my family physician prescribed a fourth drug with a possible fifth to treat my growing high blood pressure and blood sugar. At that moment I knew I had to find an alternative, chelation was it. After over one year on Dr. Maulfair’s program my blood pressure is way down, age marks on my body are virtually disappearing, eczema conditions are clearing up and a few friends, who I haven’t seen in about tow years remarked that, “ You look younger or something”. They didn’t know I was going through a chelation program. I also feel better without all the medications and their side effects. Oh, yes, my back is still OK. Also. I believe in Dr. Maulfair, his philosophy of healing naturally, his treatment programs and chelation. It works.

Sincerely, W.H.

Several years ago I began having chest pains. I went to a reputable hospital in Washington DC that specializes in heart problems. The doctor examined me, did a treadmill test, and told me I should go to the next floor and get a heart catherization and go on beta blockers. He never asked me about my diet or exercise regimen. When I asked him to explain his diagnosis in layman’s terms he simply repeated himself. I ignored him, decided to educate myself in this area and got some improvement. But almost 2 years later I went to another cardiologist in Florida. Exact same scenario. But by this time my left hand was drying out and the fingertips were so cracked that it was painful. My left foot was turning a dark brown and the ankle was black and blue from collapsed capillaries. When I asked this cardiologist about this his only response was: “You’re just getting older.” And his diagnosis was: get a stent and start taking aspirin and statins. No talk of diet or exercise. I ignored him too and went to the library. I continued my education, part of which led me to Dr. Maulfair. He and I had a sane discussion. He tested my body from top to bottom, collected all the data from the labs, and explained everything to me. Result: Left hand, completely normal, dark brown discoloring 85% gone, discoloring of ankle 85% gone, blood pressure: 117/71, chest pain, except for strenuous workout, gone! Conclusion: Dr. Maulfair knows what he is doing, and he is a doctor right out of the classic Norman Rockwell painting. He cares.

 - C.S.

June 2004, I was 63 years old, not feeling very well, sluggish, dizzy spells (2), some shortness of breath. Also two slight stabs of pain in left chest. I went to see my family doctor, he suggested a stress test. I flunked. It indicated two blocked arteries. Went to Cardiologist July 04 and set up two catheritization procedures for Sept. 14. Confirmed blockages, 50-70% in one and 50-80% in the other. One day later I heard about Dr. Maulfair from my son-in-law. I immediately went to see him. My Cardiologist wanted to operate the following week, double bypass, I said no. Get second opinion. Am I ever glad to have done that. Dr. Maulfair started Chelation Therapy; I went through one and half programs and then the ECP (External Counter Pulsation) program, which by the way is used as a last resort of cardiology. This was December 04 into January 05 and part of February. Dr. Maulfair doubled up several ECP sessions, a first for him, and this test pilot!! Ha. February 17, 05 I returned to cardiologist for a second stress test. I have a CDL license and drive large truck, the cardiologist had taken me off the road in 2004, no work, you'd have a heart attack he said. You're a walking time bomb. So I needed the second test to requalify for my license. Well, six days later I saw the cardiologist for the results and he told me he could find nothing abnormal from any source of the test. The next thing he told me was "I don't understand it." Oh my, I did, Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, I did. With his guidance and Dr. Maulfair's great knowledge of this health problem, guess what, feeling great, back to work, no pain, no shortness of breath, no dizziness. Walking 3-5 miles every other day. I also have taken 20-30 mile bicycle rides with no problems. Thanks for everything. Oh, just a note, in March 04 I saw a motorcycle (a Harley) in Alabama, when visiting my daughter. I fell in love with it, but things just didn't work out with the sales deal so I didn't buy it. The money instead was used to get me healthy again.
- D.T.

At the age of fifty-five I had a triple bypass, for the last ten years I've been on a variety of medicines that were to help with my high cholesterol. For years I stayed away from red meats, eggs and the likes. I did everything that I could to bring my cholesterol down. In early spring my cardiologist told me to double my medicine to bring my cholesterol down from an all time high of 290, within days I was having chest pains. It was just about that time that I received the information on Chelation Therapy and the free seminar that was being offered by Dr. Maulfair. The way I was feeling I needed to try something other than the traditional way of treatment. I stopped taking the prescription drugs; my chest pains were gone within days-and I might add-have not returned. After three weeks of Chelation Therapy I felt a change in my body and a sense of well being. Now after seven months, all the little aches and pains in my body are gone, and I no longer need to wear eye glasses. I have more energy (no afternoon naps), I eat red meats, eggs, chicken and have lost 18 pounds. My cholesterol is now at 190. I feel more like I did when I was thirty-five. I look forward to each of my treatments and await more changes that will take place in my life.

- D.M.

In July of 98, I had a heart attack. I was informed that I had three arteries with over 90% blockage and that I had to have a bypass operation. How ever, the doctor said that the worst blockage was at the top left side and it was very hard to get there and therefore, a lot of people didn't survive the operation with that much blockage there. So I opted not to have the operation. I had heard about chelation and wanted to go and hear about it at the Maulfair Medical Center. I asked my husband to go along as he needed to hear about it too so I could make a good decision. We went and heard what Dr. Maulfair had to say, and my husband said to make an appointment, which I did. I came and had the tests, and started getting chelation about August 7th of 2000. I went alone without any problems with the heart, but I never knew if it really was helping or not. I always felt it was keeping me alive, but had no proof that it was improving my heart condition. Then in May of 2003, I had a reaction to medication that gave me all the symptoms of having another heart attack. I was put in the hospital and tests were taken. Needless to say, that when they told me the results were that my heart had improved and it now shows that I have only two arteries at 30% blockage and on at 60% I was thrilled. Now that was a great reduction. I right away said that the chelation was working, and the doctor was fast to say "no the medicine is working." I could see that I was about to make the doctor angry so I kept quiet and said to myself that I never heard of the heart medication to reduce the blockage, but I have heard chelation reduces it and now I had my proof. I have taken my 91st chelation, as I know it is working and keeping me alive. I recommend it to all heart attack people and for those who want to keep their heart health and avoid a heart attack, I have proof that it really does work. Thank you, Dr. Maulfair.

- J.E.

Chelation treatments have helped me a great deal. I have done Chelation with the Maulfair Medical Center since 1989. I am pleased with the results and trust Chelation Therapy because I had a five way bypass in 1982. When you have had bypass you can expect to have arteries block again over a twenty year period and mine have not. I recently had a stress test done and I was very pleased with the result. The cardiologist said keep doing what your are doing. There were times I did not feel like coming for the treatment but I always went and was glad I did. I walk 3.5-4 miles per day, rain or shine. I can do four miles in one hour. I watch my diet and I take the recommended nutrients. I really feel exercise and these treatments have helped me very much.

- M.S.

In August of 1999 I had a mechanical aortic valve implanted. In May of 2003 I had a new type artery stent implanted. The reason for both of these procedures was, I had impaired breathing. I had a heart catherization performed prior to the valve implant, the test results showed I had a 10% artery blockage and my aortic heart valve was severely caked with plaque, hence the valve replacement. In February of 2003 I had heart catheterization performed once again and this time the results showed I had three artery blockages, one was 80%, one was 60% and one was 40%. Also my new valve had a significant amount of plaque. In May of 2003 a new medicated stent became available and the new type stent was implanted in the 80% blocked artery. On June 20, 2004 I had very severe left shoulder pain that radiated down my chest, due to my coronary history I went to the LV Hospital ER. After 3½ hours of various testing they hospitalized me. On or about June 21, 2004 while in the hospital I had a heart catheterization performed, the test results in my opinion were extremely favorable. My aortic mechanical valve was clear and free from any plaque, my stent looked beautiful, by 60% blockage was reduced to 50% and the 40% blockage was entirely gone. As your records would indicate, I had approximately 37 Chelation treatments. Be advised, I primarily came to Maulfair because of my blocked arteries which resulted in impaired breathing. I also came to Maulfair with arthritis in both hands. I couldn't unscrew bottle tops or snap my fingers and I had trouble writing. Along with all of this I had a lot of pain. All of the above is entirely gone and my hands are almost 100% normal. I truly consider this as an added bonus that I'm truly thankful for. Optimistically I'm looking forward to all my blockages being removed.

Many thanks, F.W.

After undergoing two separate triple bypass heart operations (1986 & 1997) and then encountering some additional difficulties, two doctors (MD) approached me separately and told me that there are other ways to approach the problem. As a result I did some investigation and got the book "Bypassing Bypass". After reading the book, I started to "check out" various doctors who utilize Chelation. I discussed it with my family doctor who was lukewarm but supportive, and with my cardiologist who told me to "go for it." I finally settled on Dr. Maulfair after attending one of his seminars and visiting his clinic. That was approximately 2 ½ years and some 60 treatments ago and I am doing great. I am writing this testimonial to not only extol the virtues of Chelation but also the value of a multi-pronged approach. I strongly believe that my dramatic results have been due to a coordinated program of diet, exercise, modern heart drugs, Chelation Therapy and compassionate and cooperative care by all concerned. My point is that proper medical care for an individual does not have to be an either/or scenario but rather can produce dramatic results if all parties work together, putting aside professional rivalries and prejudices. But two of the most important pieces of the equation remain the responsibility of the individual. Only the patient can carry out the very important care components of proper diet and exercise. Good health to all!

- C.F.

Before coming to Maulfair I suffered from angina attacks, because of location of the blockage I was a poor candidate for surgery. I was unable to go for short walks even on level ground without feeling pressure and pain in my chest and pain in my left arm. Since starting Chelation Therapy treatments my condition has greatly improved, I go for walks, do water aerobics and work out in fitness room. Attack have been greatly reduced not always necessitating nitroglycerin, I just sit for a minute and then resume my activity. My general health has greatly improved.

- C.S.

I was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure in November of 1999. Scheduled for catheterization but had read of Chelation Therapy and then got first hand information from a friend. Later I attended one of Dr. Maulfair's seminars, set up an appointment with Dr. Maulfair who gave full details and answered all questions on Chelation. I went into the program and very happy to report normal breathing with no breath shortness, removal of blood pressure pills, nice complements from family and friends on how much better I look and act. I strongly recommend Chelation not only for my problem but many others. It makes a difference. Dr. Maulfair, Dr. Lamb, John, Roxy, Peg, Denise my utmost thanks. With faith, a positive approach and all mentioned above you will show improvement.

- D.L.

My husband dragged me to Dr. Maulfair's office- I was fighting him all the way. But what happened next… I was recuperating from my second triple bypass on my heart and was spending 99% of my day in a wheel chair. Between heart problems and diabetes and arthritis my future appeared grim. I saw my husband's success story unfold before my very eyes and he pushed me through each day. I got to thinking seriously about Chelation Therapy and vitamin therapy. I took the plunge and today I am happy and walking alone and after six months doing all the things I have always enjoyed doing. Thanks to all of you.

- E.H.

One year ago, after experiencing a dull ache in my chest, I underwent a catheterization procedure and was diagnosed as having a 60 to 70 percent blockage in two arteries and a 100 percent blockage in another. I was advised to have an immediate bypass performed. I had heard of Dr. Maulfair and decided to attend his seminar in Topton. Immediately thereafter I began his chelation program. Today I no longer experience any pain or ache, even after exercising 20-30 minutes at 60-70 percent of my maximum heart rate. I have more energy and pep and generally feel well. I feel I owe this great improvement in my health to Dr. Maulfair and his fine staff, and would certainly recommend his treatment over bypass operations.

- G.Q.

On July 26, 2001, just 4 days before my retirement and turning age 65, I suffered a mild heart attack. Having always been active, I was very depressed with my lack of energy. My cardiologist did a catheterization, with his interpretation of the findings indicating that surgery would be very high risk. I decided to look for other options to regain my health. I had been a patient at the Maulfair Medical Center starting in October of 1995, however, due to my work schedule, I did not continue with my program past August of 1996. Looking back at my symptoms and weight, 218 lbs, I should have done a better job of participating in my treatment program. In December 2001 I returned to the Maulfair Medical Center and started dealing with my problems. Besides my heart symptoms, I had lots of indigestion at the time, taking Tums on a regular basis. A significant yeast overgrowth was identified. I started treatment as well as diet modifications to correct it. Going back on an exercise program also made lots of sense. I have just had my 24th chelation treatment. My weight is down to 198 lbs. I stopped taking the Tums. A discoloration I had on my ankle for years is much improved and floaters that were affecting my vision are gone. Most important, in my latest office visit with my cardiologist, he states that I am dong well from a cardiac standpoint. He told me I should continue to do what I am doing. I saw my family doctor recently and he stated he was proud of me because of what I did to help myself, along with the help of the Maulfair Medical Center. No program works without a commitment and you only get out of what you put in.

- R.R.

Before coming to the Maulfair Medical Center, my health was at its worst. A 63 year old man, I was told that I couldn't expect too much, seeing my body was wearing out. I told one doctor that I felt I had one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave. He said to me that they would try to keep me as comfortable as possible with medication. The drugs were a temporary fix, but never addressed the problems I had. There was no cure with my medication. I felt that my health was going down hill, and my life was leaving me. And because of that, a deep depression set in, which left me with no hope of ever recovering. It was like waiting for death any day, and there were some days I felt were my last. I felt so bad, I had so much pain, that I could hardly walk the distance of my car in the parking lot to the building where I worked. I would have such shortness of breath, with sweating, that I had chest pains that worried me sick. I had problems with the sciatic nerve in my left side that shot sharp pains down my leg. And with arthritis in my hands and feet, tendonitis in my arms thumbs, with an occasional spur on my heel, I wondered if I would make it from day to day. I wondered how it felt not to have the pain I endured every day. It was so unbearable sometimes but still I had to work. As if this wasn't enough, I had diabetes type 2, which required a totally different diet than what I knew. The change seemed more than I could bear. I felt a little numbness and tingling in my toes, along with poor blood circulation in my legs, which brought on blood clots. The last one I had broke in pieces, with some going to my lungs. I almost didn't make it through. I've been told that the one valve on one side of my heart didn't close right and my heart was racing and skipped beats. Along with these ailments I had post nasal drip which drove me crazy with a forceful cough that sometimes set off a spell of dizziness until I would come close to passing out. With a little blurred vision and ringing in the one ear, I wondered if anything else would go wrong. You have no idea the kind of depression that sets in with the horrors of suffering. My immune system was totally down. I lived the horrors of a dying death, instead of life. My youngest son asked me to go to the Maulfair Medical Center for a source of help. He said, "Dad, we want you around a little bit longer", and so I did. With extensive blood work and tests, I sat down with Dr. Maulfair and he read the results. It was then he started me on a program of Chelation Therapy and supplements. After ______ treatments, he called me into a room and asked me how I felt. I said I have more energy now, than I've had for a long time. Free from a lot of pain, for the first time in years, I felt like I was living instead of dying. Do you know how good that is? It makes you feel like shouting and dancing at the same time. Depression has left me, and I look forward to a better life. Life feels like life instead of death. I thank Dr. Maulfair and his staff with all my heart. And the Lord of heaven bless his work.

- C.P.

P.S. Never give up, no matter how severe your condition is, there is something and someone somewhere that can make a change in your life. I know God wants us to be of good health.