Health Restoration Successes — General Health



After having a bad experience in the hospital and not doing very good after getting home, I decided to take chelation therapy and had very good results. I started getting more energy and feeling better and my hair started growing again. I have Macular Degeneration and my eyes have been getting worse for the last couple of years. I have special devices to help me read if I hold my book up close (about 3 inches from my eyes) and binoculars to see at a distance. I discussed this with Dr. Maulfair and he suggested taking Oxidative Therapy which I did and after two or three treatments I was pumping gas in the car and I could read the numbers on the gas pump and the next time I noticed I could read the odometer and gas gauge on my truck. I could see the corn seedlings when they were quite small, which I haven’t been able to see in about 5 years. I also saw the clock in the car. By the way, I don’t drive the car. Thank you so much for being here.




At almost 60 years old, I noticed significant increased inflammation in my joints during the previous couple of years, and I gained about 20 lbs. ( Some folks would call this “aging”). I knew that I could feel better and move better, but diet and more exercise wasn’t helping as much as I’d hoped. Dr. Maulfair’s approach was both simple and sophisticated: Order the right lab tests, and also have me monitor and record my body temperature on a regular schedule to learn more about my thyroid function. My symptoms and the lab tests indicated low thyroid function and an over growth of yeast fungus in my body. Under his guidance, I changed my diet and followed the doctor’s recommended vitamin and supplement regimen. I also took the anti-fungal drug that he prescribed. Further, we used oxidative and nutritional IV infusions (administered at Maulfair Medical Center) to enhance my general health and to assist in ridding my body of the yeast fungus. While receiving the IV infusions, I read a book they in their IV suite about yeast fungus overgrowth, its effects, and a medical approach on how to get rid of it. It was a very good overview of my medical situation, and it gave me greater appreciation of the high quality of Dr. Maulfair’s medical practice. After about four weeks under the treatment plan, I was feeling better. After six weeks, I had significantly improved. I was moving better with almost no joint pain. I had more stamina while requiring less sleep. I had better mental focus and I was generally feeling more optimistic. I had lost about 20 lbs. Now, two months since I began treatment, I feel better than I have in the past 12 years. Beyond the improvements, I now find that I have more control over my own health-both through the knowledge I’ve gained and the discipline I’ve developed. I am continuing with the doctor’s recommended regimen, as I continue to get healthier.




After a year of being misdiagnosed, wasting time, thousands of dollars and watching my health deteriorate I was feeling completely defeated and hopeless…then a friend referred me to Dr. Maulfair. Within a month I had a proper diagnosis, “candida” and a thorough treatment plan. Although this plan required a huge lifestyle change, it only took a few months to see my first signs of progress. Over the past several months I have continued to gain a better understanding of my illness and have happily watched it die off and my life return to normal. I’m still not out of the woods yet as this issue will more than likely plague me for life but at least with the guidance of Dr. Maulfair I’ll be able to maintain a happy and active lifestyle.

B. W.



I have been coming to the M.M.C. for almost one year now. Over the years, I had chronic fatigue, depression, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. The worst came in 2006 when they found that my immune system was attacking my liver. I was placed on immune-suppressing drugs and was not happy. I thought to myself – there’s got to be help out there somewhere. I went to several alternative practitioners, but became more discouraged after none helped. I reluctantly decided to go to the M.M.C. and after having the patience to follow Dr. M’s treatment plan, my health improved tremendously by the evidence of my blood test results, weight loss, and energy. My major depression is also gone. Overall, I feel better now that I ever did in my entire life. I always tell others about my successful treatments with Dr. M and his staff. Going there was the best investment in health I made.




When I came to the Maulfair Medical Center I felt that things weren’t right with my body for quite some time. I had a list of a lot of things that just seemed to get longer with each passing year. And I thought if I would go to a conventional medical doctor, I would have just got the old “pooh pooh your body’s getting older now speech.” So I just kept trying to deal with the sleepless nights, hair and skin issues, feeling weighed down and not just by those extra pounds I put on, but somehow feeling dragged down from the inside, feeling grouchy and exhausted and generally losing interest in just about everything but being a couch potato after I managed to get through the chores of the day. That certainly wasn’t a description of how I used to be and it wasn’t a very satisfying way to accept life either. Dr. Maulfair ran some tests and put me on the oxidative and nutritional program to rid my body of candida yeast. I have been on this program for a number of months now, and I am feeling better these days. The first thing that changed was that I started to sleep through the night without waking up every couple of hours. I had not done that in years and it was so wonderful that I would only describe it as “delicious”! Then other improvements started to follow. I can focus my mind a bit better and the chronic gas is disappearing. I lost some weight and I’m not always searching for something sweet to ear anymore. I seem to have a little more stamina now and I’m starting to get interested in things again. I’m not saying that I feel my health is back to 100 percent normal, I still have some health issues and I guess I’ll be a work in progress for a while longer yet. But I think that my health was heading down a very bad path and coming to the Maulfair Medical Center began to put an end to that and has started directing my health back on a good path. All I know is that I’m starting to feel like myself again!

Thank you Dr. Maulfair and staff.
L. R.



I have been coming to the Maulfair Center for about 2 months now. There are a few items or issues I wanted resolved. One of these was always being congested and not being able to smell or taste anything for a year or so. I have had this issue off and on over a variety of years. During this period of time I went to multiple doctors and most of them prescribed over the counter sinus medication. This usually cleared me up for a few minutes. I eventually got frustrated but found the Maulfair Medical Center on the internet. This was one of the best choices I made so far. Dr. Maulfair’s approach of treating the whole body and not the symptom really seems to be doing good. I can now smell and taste things. Although I just started here I am happy with the results so far. I am waiting to see if my other issues are resolved, so I hope to write another follow up success story soon. So far I am very happy and pleased with the results.

K. O.



Once again, my deepest thanks and gratitude to Dr. Maulfair (and staff) for getting me back on the track after a nasty bout with Lyme disease. Dr. Maulfair's aggressive antibiotics treatment combined with building up my immune system with nutritional infusions got rid on all Lyme symptoms, where other "standard" treatments failed. I'm now on a great maintenance program involving diet, nutrients and exercise that will keep me running full steam ahead for a long time. Dr. Maulfair was the first physician who ever said to me "What can we do to improve the quality of your life?" ...instead of "what hurts? Take this." He has an amazing ability to get to the cause of the problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms. So thank you Dr. Maulfair, Coleen and the supportive and caring staff at the Maulfair Medical Center.

J. M.



Before coming to Maulfair Medical Center I had almost given up all hope of ever feeling well again. I suffered from chronic digestive problems, coronary artery disease, and degenerative joint disease. My family history and stressful life had resulted in my depending on anti-depressive medication just to get through each day. Since I have been under treatment at the center I am no longer having chest pain, my circulation has improved, better nutrition with supplements has helped my digestive system and I am please to say I am no longer a slave to anti depressive medication. I lead a very active life and at the age of 71 I look and feel much younger. I recently returned to the work force part time and I am enjoying a better quality of life. Chelation Therapy, the doctors and the staff at Maulfair Medical Center have given me a new lease on life.

C. J.



In July of 2008 I contacted the medical center and requested an appointment for the carotid artery scan. The results showed that I had the arteries of a 77 years old man. I am only 59. My father passed away at the age of 72 with hardening of the arteries. I also over the past 8-10 year have been on all the statin drugs (vytorin, lipitor, crestor, simvastatin) with all these I developed side affects. I had read about chelation therapy in the past and decided to give it a try. I am on my fifth treatment and have noticed an improvement in my blood pressure. It was also found that I had a yeast problem and I went on the candida diet, which has given me lower blood pressure and loss of weight and overall improved circulation. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their health.

Thank you Dr. Maulfair.
J. D.



I was not able to do any work at all for over a month after having the flu for two weeks.
Since taking this treatment I am doing much better; doing my laundry and general housework which I was a month behind in. I am gradually feeling better and hope to get back to normal in a few weeks.

L. T.



Having trouble with my digestive tract, losing weight, bags under my eyes, weak, my mind and body not working together etc. Called Maulfair Medical Center, I know Dr. Maulfair and staff help your body to help itself without harsh drugs and antibiotics. October 7th, 2008- my first visit to MMC- I said I need help!! Dr. Maulfair took my information, looked my over. Dr. said you have a bad yeast infection in your digestive track and that I am not getting nutrients into my system. Also my digestive system was very sore. A blood test shows that I indeed had bad yeast infection. I was placed on and intravenous program, given oral nutrients, and placed on a yeast and sugar free diet. Two months later I am as good as new- only side effect- good health. Thank you Dr. Maulfair and staff.

R. O.



After just the first two weeks of oxidative and nutritional intravenous treatments I've already experienced an increase in energy and relief from chronic sinusitis and esophageal spasms. Thank you!!

D. E.



Celiac Disease. I never heard of it before being diagnosed by a digestive disease doctor. I was told to follow a wheat and gluten free diet. After 4 months had passed I was still having symptoms. After seeing Dr. Maulfair he ordered more in depth studies and found I had many food intolerances and an overgrowth of yeast. After following the prescribed diet, I have been symptom free since following the plan of treatment which included diet, IV treatments (intravenous treatments) and supplements. After 8 weeks my energy level returned and I don't have to worry about staying close to a restroom wherever I go. I've been very pleased with the treatment from the Maulfair Medical Center. Thank you.

R. B.



The combination of Oxidative intravenous treatments and prescription antifungal medicine has substantially improved my symptoms associated with systemic candidiasis. Abdominal tenderness is resolving, joint pain is minimizing, energy conversion is improving and brain fog is clearing. I'm anxious to arrive at the age of 40. I am 52 now.

D. E.



I came to Dr. Maulfair in May of 2003. I came here because I knew that Dr. Maulfair was the kind of doctor I was looking for. I wanted a doctor that would find out why I was not feeling like I should. My symptoms were shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and I was feeling a little fatigued. I knew that most other doctors would prescribe medications for my symptoms and that I would not really know what to do to correct the problem. Dr. Maulfair did some testing to find out what was going on with my body. I had some problems with digestion, food sensitivities, moderate yeast overgrowth and some slight hormone imbalances. I went on a program of oral nutrients and nutritional IV's and I am feeling great and had to take no medication. I am blessed to be able to have found a doctor that I feel I could trust. Most doctors do not encourage or educate you in how to take proper care of your body. At the Maulfair Medical Center you will learn a lot so that you can stay in good health.

T. C.



After several years of dealing with insomnia and feeling depressed I was tired of my doctor pushing drugs on me that I didn't want to take. One day my doctor said "Joe, what will it take for you to take drugs?" I said when my life becomes life threatening. So I turn the radio on one day and heard Dr. Cory talking to Dr. Maulfair, I liked what I heard, so I called the Maulfair Medical Center for an appointment. I met Dr. Maulfair and Dr. Lamb, they put me on a walking program, as well as supplements and today I sleep wonderful and wake up not feeling tired or depressed. A very big thank you to the both of you. We need more Doctors like Dr. Maulfair and Dr. Lamb. I just love coming to the Maulfair Medical Center.

J. R.



After nearly destroying my body by smoking for about thirty years, I became sick with Grave's disease, the name very fitting indeed, and received radiation treatment for that disease. I was very toxic and sick when I came to the Maulfair Medical Center this year, something I put off and became very sorry that I did, ending up this year too sick to even work. But after coming to this medical center for the past four months, I went from smoking 1 ½ packs of cigarettes a day to two cigarettes in the past three days and know I am on my way to quitting for certain this time. I promised many times previously to quit and couldn't. I can, now, think more clearly and can feel the benefits of not smoking, and the two IV chelation treatments I received this week. Thank you very much for making getting healthier a lot easier and more beneficial for me.

B. B.



I have had on Vitamin C and nutrient treatment on June 10th and on oxidation treatment and I feel like a new woman! My energy level has increased and I have feeling of well being, of tranquility, less anxiety. I am on a candida diet and have also been working on food sensitivities. My blood pressure prior to treatment was 176/110 this morning, June 6, 2003 it was 120/70. If this continues hopefully I'll be able to eliminate the two blood pressure medications that I am presently taking and even better eliminate the side effects of these meds!!!

S. W.



Not having taken very good care of myself for the first 64 years, I figured that I had better start doing something to improve my health. I had worked in gas line construction and welding for 38 years. The last 18-20 years I have had a lot of headaches and sinus problems. Also having had my hands and feet frost bitten in the armed services in the 60's. My feet and hands were almost always cold. My hands would get cold and stiff when the temperature would drop into the mid 40's. My blood pressure was also quite high and my family doctor had put me on blood pressureedication. I started chelation therapy in December of 2004 and after nine treatments I seldom have a headache. Also my sinus problem has just about cleared up. But what I had noticed first after six treatments, was that my feet and hands were no longer cold. Also my blood pressure has dropped some and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Maulfair and everyone at the Maulfair Medical Center.

P. D.



I had taken a few Chelation Treatments before I learned Dr. Maulfair. Dr. Maulfair's program is much more entailed that just IV treatments and since I enrolled in his clinic, I feel like a new person. The main reason I began this program was to stabilize and maintain my health. After forty-five treatments I have attained more that I had hoped for. My blood pressure maintained normal levels from the elevated level when I first started. Also my nails have been growing as never before. My hemorrhoids do not bother me as they once did, and I have the energy of a teenager. I would highly recommend Dr. Maulfair to everyone as he is a very forthright and knowledgeable doctor and also an expert in the field of Chelation as stated in the book, "Forty Something Forever" by Harold and Arline Brecher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Maulfair and his staff for their patience and understanding.

F. H.



The start of the year was my introduction to Chelation. My problem was of the heart; tired, short of breath, no pep. Chelation with nutrients, vitamins and exercise brought me around. However, recently I became complacent and exercise plus eating changes showed a possible return to what had been overcome. Dr. Maulfair saw me and we caught this in good time. A big lesson learned- don't slack off. Use the whole program. All the things we do help us, why abuse it if even at a slow pace. You get the help that is needed all in a package so to speak. Don't slack off as mentioned above. You can only get better by working at it not against it.

D. L.



At the age of fifty-five I had a triple bypass, for the last ten years I've been on a variety of medicines that were to help with my high cholesterol. For years I stayed away from red meats, eggs and the likes. I did everything that I could to bring my cholesterol down. In early spring my cardiologist told me to double my medicine to bring my cholesterol down from an all time high of 290, within days I was having chest pains. It was just about that time that I received the information on Chelation Therapy and the free seminar that was being offered by Dr. Maulfair. The way I was feeling I needed to try something other than the traditional way of treatment. I stopped taking the prescription drugs; my chest pains were gone within days-and I might add-have not returned. After three weeks of Chelation Therapy I felt a change in my body and a sense of well being. Now after seven months, all the little aches and pains in my body are gone, and I no longer need to wear eye glasses. I have more energy (no afternoon naps), I eat red meats, eggs, chicken and have lost 18 pounds. My cholesterol is now at 190. I feel more like I did when I was thirty-five. I look forward to each of my treatments and await more changes that will take place in my life.

D. M.



As I approach my 78th birthday I feel grateful to Dr. Maulfair and staff for the guidance received that I may walk the road of good health. The attitude that one size fits all is never the prescribed method is wonderful. My uniqueness is always a part of the consideration when planning a program. Through planned diet, supplements, exercise, chelation and nutritional therapy I rebounded from a bout with fungus infection and shingles. Thanks for all the help these past seventeen years. I would suggest we all be open to the many possibilities of life presents.

H. H.