Health Restoration Successes — Diabetes


I HAVE DIABETES. I developed diabetic macular edema in both eyes. The Eye doctor started giving me shots in both eyes. They would start getting better for a while and they deteriorated again and I would need another shot. Before getting shots, I had gotten my glucose levels down to acceptable levels but that had no effect on my eyes. My husband started chelation for clogged arteries; he was doing so well that I decided to try chelation. I started in August 2013. At my last eye appointment in November of 2013 my eyes were improved to the point where the eye doctor did not have to see me again for 6 months. I also noticed that m disposition has improved greatly and I thank chelation therapy for that. I thnk Dr. Maulfair and his taff for giving me a much happier life.

Thank you,

June 2002, I was diagnosed with PVD (peripheral vascular disease) or poor circulation of my lower legs. Test showed that there was a 98% blockage of both legs. I had ulcers on both legs which came from wounds caused by fall. They wouldn't heal due to the poor circulation. Thankfully I am not diabetic, but was only able to walk about 1 short block without having to rest. A prominent vascular surgeon said the only thing that could help me was to have bypass surgery on both legs and scheduled it. About 1 week later I saw Dr. Maulfair and decided to start chelation therapy instead. I actually had my first chelation treatment on the same day the surgery was scheduled. It was the best decision I ever made. Prior to starting chelation, in June I started going to a wound-care center 3 days a week to take care of the wounds which included electrical stimulation, with very little improvement. After only 2 chelation treatments my attending therapist could see a noticeable improvement in my wounds. This continued to the amazement and almost disbelief of all who were attending me, including the doctor. Nine months later I was discharged from the wound care clinic with totally healed ulcers. My walking strength has about doubled and I have lost the numbness that I had in my feet for several years. My attending physician agrees that chelation helped me so much that I was able to avoid the bypass surgery. He also admitted that he had had no belief in chelation and he was very sure that it was not going to help me. But he has changed his mind now, since in his words "seeing is believing." He also said that knowing how bad my circulation was I would not have gotten well without the chelation. I thanked him for being open-minded and admitting his feelings and I also thank God that he led me to Maulfair Medical Center just "in the nick of time". I am still taking chelation and plan to continue as long as I need it. To make it even better I look forward to my visits at the medical center. The surroundings and the staff and other patients that I've met just add to the pleasure and relaxation I get while I am there.


I went to see Dr____ he said, "I am putting you in the hospital", for one third of my toe was black that was 5/20/96. I told him I wanted to get Chelation Therapy and he said that it wouldn't help you. I stayed in the hospital from 5/21/96 until 5/23/96 did not anything for my third toe and while I'm there my second toe turned black and on 5/24/96 they did an angioplasty on my right leg, opened two arteries in my leg. So I signed myself out of the hospital to get Chelation. I heard the word Chelation, I wanted Chelation even if I didn't understand everything about it. So I went on my first 5/30/96, I had 8 chelation and blood was getting to my feet and toes, and 11 Chelations was with more blood and I was glad. My 19th Chelation was giving me hard finger nails. I never had in my life, I am now 65 years old and I have hard, long nails. So I am pleased and my legs have hair instead of being white, I am getting brown hair on my legs. I had a large vein in my right leg and it went down because blood is getting through and two toes have cleared up now and healing good. The second toe lost the end of my toe and nail on two toes, I am very thankful knowing about Chelation and peroxide treatment. I am on my program for good health, I am trying to do what is right with the program. My sugar was around 199 to 160 and now 88 or 111, this is good. I had large vein in right leg and now they are almost gone. I hope this story about Chelation will help someone else.

W. R.

I have been experiencing improvement in my health since starting various treatment at the Maulfair Medical Center. My blood pressure came down from around 200/98 down to 146/82 and sometimes lower. I was taking Provocol and had a side effect of bad pain that disturbed my sleep and I have stopped taking it. I am a diabetic and have been taking Glucotol and stopped insulin injections due to the fact that the recommended diet reduced my blood sugar levels. I had leg pains which have significantly diminished. I have lost 19 pounds in two months on a diet I like.

G. S.

As we enter into the 21st century it appears we continue to expand most of our fast paced elements of our lifestyles. Instant gratification, fast foods, fast cars continue to be the norm. If your car doesn't do 0-60 in 6 seconds the chances are you will be late for work and not beat the long traffic jams. The 21st century medical culture appears to be on the same radar screen. If your office visit lasts 12 minutes you are unusually lucky. You probably leave with a pocket full of samples advertised on TV and hold your breath until your HMO or Medicare kicks in again. I can attest that the Maulfair Medical Center takes a totally different approach to this dilemma. Office visits are personal and will take the time that is necessary to hear and react toward any problems or concerns. Prescriptions for any chemical based medications are rare while nutrition and exercise are core components of any MMC programs. Since December of 1999 I have personally experienced major health benefits from MMC. After 70+ Chelation Treatments my diabetic pain in my feet and legs have had a dramatic improvement. I have less pain and can walk much further than I could for years prior to Chelation. A major heart problem did not deteriorate as some main stream medical professionals had predicted in the fall of 1999. More recent, my cardiologist from one of the major renowned urban university centers directed me to a local cardiologist for possible external counter pulsation (ECP). Upon review of my coronary history, this prominent local cardiologist advised me that ECP would not help. He asked me if I could walk the length of the office building. I replied, "Yes I can walk much further than that". With that, he said, "Well, I can't do you any good." He closed the book and sent me to the cashier. This is true, no joke! Shortly after this encounter, I received an ECP flier from MMC and scheduled a consultation. The end result is that I just completed 35 treatments and have more energy and have not taken any nitro pills for over 5 weeks. My irregular heart beats and variations from day to day presented many problems with MMC technicians who operated the ECP machine. They took the time and had the patience to deal with all the obstacles that turned up each day and provided me with more positive outlook than I could ever have done on my own. Needless to say, I have been well advised, well treated and thankful for all those things that the Doctors and staff have done for me to date. I am currently back in a Chelation/Lipid Exchange program and looking forward to whatever future lies ahead for me and not in traditional fast paced medical environment but one of dedicated personal and relaxed atmosphere.

B. S.

In 1995 I was referred to MMC by my physician, as a last resort to surgery. I had already had bypass surgery and now the circulation in my left leg, in particular, was so poor that the doctor could not even find a pulse. I had pain in the leg and had some numbness in my foot. As of about two weeks ago, my last Doppler test results showed a strong, regular, healthy pulse; I no longer have pain in my legs, and I exercise in the pool three times a week. I also walk outdoors, when weather permits. I feel great and have loads of energy. My referring physician cannot believe these results and I thank him for referring me to this treatment at MMC.

R. H.

When I came here August of 1999 I had no pulse in my lower right leg, varicose veins and a severe leg ulcer. I was worried I would lose my leg. A friend referred me to Dr. Maulfair. He told me it would take time but he could help. I used nutrients and his intravenous treatments and today my leg ulcers are healed and I have a pulse in my leg and the pain is gone. I can't believe it. The other foot had bad arthritis pain then and now there is no pain in that foot either.

C. M.

My right leg hurt and was painful to the point at times I thought I would go right through the ceiling. I wouldn't even wish the devil that much pain. I was going to the foot doctor for six weeks and he just put salve on and wrapped it. I said I had so much pain in it but he said it would just take time to heal. Then when I was at the fair, a friend asked what do you have in your leg? I said they were ulcers and I was going to a foot doctor and he said that looked bad and I should go to Maulfair. That was Thursday at the fair. Then the next day I came in and said I have to see the doctor today, not make an appointment for Monday. My leg hurt like crazy. He checked it out and could find no pulse. When I had the bandages off, I asked him could you so something and he shook his head and couldn't believe my foot doctor hadn't done more than that. He said he'll take care of it and gave me vitamins to take and some salve and told me to come back Monday. I had to put moist heat on it every two hours. Then I came back Monday and he gave me different kinds of vitamins and then Wednesday I did not eat anything before coming in and he took three "bottles" of blood. That is when he gave me a peroxide treatment at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Then the following week he put me on chelation so then I did peroxide on Tuesdays and chelation on Thursdays. I started August 13th and did that until Christmas. Then he put me on two weeks, then three weeks and now I'm coming every four weeks. The leg has healed up and is wonderful and it doesn't hurt, no pain or nothing. Now the veins are starting to come out normal color and the black and blue is going away. Before they were talking about taking the leg off. Chelation has helped my body all over. I used to drag my feet by lunchtime but now I have more pep.

C. N.

It was just three short years ago that I discovered I could no longer take a walk everyday, because actually I could not even get past my neighbors house. My family physician informed me I had a condition (vascular problem) in my legs known as intermittent claudication. In trying to walk, my legs would feel heavy and painful. The doctor suggested a vascular surgeon. Luckily I had been reading about Chelation Therapy. Then a very dear friend had heard about Dr. Maulfair and the Maulfair Medical Center on radio station WPEN. I will always be very grateful to Dr. Maulfair and his wonderful staff for the changes that have taken place in my legs and my general well being. I am now walking 6 city blocks and I feel like a new person. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Maulfair Medical Center.

C. M. D.

I am a 71 year old male diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure (CHF) in November of 1999 due to long term uncontrolled diabetes. After extensive testing at my local hospital, I was referred for open heart surgery at a nearby medical center that specializes in this procedure. Upon review of this test data a senior cardiac surgeon advised me that the heart damage was so extensive that surgery was not a viable option. He also advised me that my future was very limited in terms of time. When I asked him about Chelation Therapy, he replied, "hokos pokus, save your money." Well, it's been almost five years since this doom and gloom diagnosis and I'm still here with a good quality of life. I started the Chelation program here at the Maulfair Medical Center about a month after this diagnosis and to date have had 98 chelation treatments, 35 External Counter Pulsation treatments (ECP) as well as nutritionals and magnesium IV treatments. All of these treatments combined with proper diagnosis, scheduling and the professional skill of the technicians in the I.V. suite have helped to bring me to the present time. Prior to November of 1999 I could not walk more than a city block before diabetic neuropathy in my feet and legs would cause pain that would require long period of rest in order to continue. Today, I can walk for an hour or more, and actually arthritis in the right hip "cuts in" before the feet "give out." I travel extensively and still ride a motorcycle over 10,000 miles a year plus remain active with many social service and political organizations. There is no doubt in my mind that the care, concern and treatment at the Maulfair Medical Center has helped me reach this longevity.

R. S. A.

It's easy to write about success compared to writing about failure. As a 68 year old man, I've had my share of both, but Chelation Therapy, without a doubt, has been successful in terms of longevity and quality of life. Traditional medical treatment gave up on me in December of 1999 when I was told by a very respected cardiac surgeon that you quote, "Don't have much time left" (maybe months, maybe 1 year). Well, I've not only lived longer than that but I have lived very close to a normal life despite those morbid predictions. My problems with diabetes have improved greatly and I can walk further now than I could years ago, and have not used nitroglycerin skin patches in the last six months. We have all heard the rhetoric from our doctors about the waste of time and money on Chelation Therapy but most doctors fail to recognize the whole picture that includes exercise, nutrition, and a reasonable diet. When is the last time your doctor seriously asked you about the last three in conjunction with your treatment? The EDTA works but it is only as successful as your attitude to support the whole program. Many times, I know, it involves changes in ones lifestyle that may have been habits over many years. In a couple weeks, I'm going to throw my legs over a motorcycle and ride almost 500 miles to Laconia, New Hampshire (in one day). I still have that type of energy and mental alertness and I owe it to the Maulfair Medical Center, its Doctors and staff.

R. S.

In 1972 I had a blood clot in my leg and became so ill everyone thought it was a miracle when I lived. There was no observable change for ten years and then in 1980 or so I started to go downhill. In 1985 I couldn't get up my driveway without stopping, and I couldn't drive to Florida any longer due to leg pain. I started chelation therapy after a stress test in 1989 as I couldn't do the test because my legs were numb. A Doppler test showed no circulation in my feet and my feet were white before I started chelation therapy. With chelation therapy, my leg pain disappeared. In 1992 my family doctor did a stress test and I complete ¾ of the test to the amazement of my doctor. In 1996 I did another stress test and went to the top, 14 minutes, and the cardiologist said the test was OK. The past summer I felt sick and weak due to lung congestion. I went to a specialist and he checked everything and said I was in super shape. One of his nurses asked what I did and I told her I took nutrients and did chelation therapy. She said she was going to look into it.

J. G.

After 10 chelation treatments a noticeable difference occurred in the pins and needles in my legs. They have all but disappeared.. Also, many of my arthritic aches and pains have improved. It is a miracle and it can only get better. I am so happy to feel better with much more energy and stamina. If so much has changed for the best in such a short time, it has got to be a greater change for the rest of my life.

Thank you Dr. Maulfair!
M. F.

Thanks for Chelation Therapy. I have had diabetes for several years, and a serious problem with my feet, poor circulation and continuous pain. I was with several other doctors with no success or help. My daughter suggested I see Dr. Maulfair. I started November 1998. I no longer take any medication for diabetes and I am feeling great. My feet were very sensitive and numb with constant pain. Today my feet are very good and I am able to enjoy my regular activities, hunting, fishing and chopping wood. Many thanks to Dr. Maulfair and Staff.

P. H.

My success story is just a very simple one. I'm from New York. When I was diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease plus diabetes I went through two bypass surgeries and even with my surgery I wasn't feeling better. When I came to the Maulfair Center and was treated here, I started feeling better. God make the miracle of finding these wonderful doctors who really know what they are doing and care for us. My age is 72 and I feel like 40 young. All you need is faith in God and everything will work!

B. D.

I started Chelation Therapy five weeks ago. The reason; 7,500 IR2 ions blocking pancreas causing a secondary diabetes, thus I am taking 30 units of humulin in the mornings and 15 units in the evenings. I changed my diet; no meats, vegetarian, I walk five miles daily, sleep eight hours nightly, eat four times daily. I feel fifteen years younger since starting the program. IR2 cut approximately in half. I have more energy, better strength in my legs and pelvis. My need for blood transfusions has diminished by one week (every two weeks) now every three weeks. I'm excited- thanks to Maulfair Medical Center and Chelation.

R. H.

As a 66-year-old male with long time diabetes and a cancer survivor (two-year prostate), it didn't come as any great surprise that I started to feel more tired than usual with shortness of breath and loss of appetite. Last year, however, the problem got much worse so in late October 1999, I went to my M.D. of over 25+ years and asked for a stress test, as I suspected something serious was going on. In early November of 1999, I had the stress test at a local hospital, doing very poorly on both time and distance. The top cardiologist at the hospital, however, said he could not see anything on the tape that would indicate the problems that I reported that were as indicated above. As the breathing problem got progressively worse, my doctor sent me to a respiratory specialist who determined I had asthma. Not ever having any signs of asthma for 66 years, I went along with his diagnosis and went through medications, inhalers and all the treatment, but it got worse, much worse. On November 26, 1999 I could barely walk and could not climb over six steps without resting so I went to the doctor and begged to be admitted to the hospital. I was admitted the same day (thank goodness) and went through a long battery of tests that indicated I didn't have asthma but had congestive heart failure. The same doctor who could not see anything in my stress test results referred me to a cardiac surgeon for open heart surgery. I trekked upcountry to the surgeon who, after reviewing test results and catheterization (heart) tape, told me it would do not good to operate. He said there is blockage but that did not cause the problem nor would cure the problem, as the heart muscles were just too weak to pump the blood even if blockages were removed. He said it was a result of long term diabetes. I asked him if chelation therapy might help. He replied "Hocus-Pocus". As I had been to one of Dr. Maulfair's seminars several years ago, I decided to give it a try despite the lack of support from the heart surgeon who said "not too much time left". After about 4 or 5 chelation treatments, I had my first review with Dr. Lamb, and at that time I didn't report any progress even though honestly I did feel better, but I thought it may be "in my head" or "mind over matter". But as the treatments continued it improved after each chelation treatment (12 to date) and I realized it was not in my head but was definitely improving my health. My blood sugar is much better, blood pressure more stable (averaging 135/80), and I have not needed any Nitroglycerin patches for the past 12-15 days. In addition, I can walk at least 2-3 blocks further than my diabetic neuropathy would permit for the past 3 years. Dr. Lamb's diet is the greatest. He gives you a list of what to eat and what not to eat, and explains why. No long calorie counting or other complicated formulas. My physical condition is so much improved that it really astonishes me. The three point program of exercise, chelation therapy and nutrients works. I'm looking forward to seeing that heart surgeon in a y ear or two and tell him "Hocus-Pocus" is a life savior.

R. S.