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I cannot thank you enough for being such an important doctor in our lives. I came to you 14 years ago with overwhelming stress and concerns for out son who had many symptoms of autism at the age of 2 1/2. Adam could not speak after his 18 month vaccines and began to quickly regress. You were the only medical doctor who knew how to help. This experience of testing, supplements, nutrition and chelation has changed all of our lives for the better. I went back to college and studied nutritional biochemistry in graduate school, earned my degree in holistic Iridology, and almost have completed my N.D. degree (hopefully this year!). Our son Adam, now 16 1/2, has a wonderful, healthy teenage life. He is totally free of any symptoms of autism, has good grades in school and played J.V. basketball this past season.

God bless you!
A. L.

My daughter Nicole was diagnosed at five years old with petit mal seizures. She was given a seizure medication which made her very drowsy. After about a year of taking these medications she was seen by a homeopath and chiropractor who give her adjustments and homeopathic medicine. We saw improvement but we did not realize that some of the medicine had some type drugs, so I decided to try Dr. Maulfair because my mother is a patient and I saw a positive improvement. My daughter was seen by Dr. Maulfair, several tests were done and he prescribed different vitamins and after six weeks I came with her for a check up visit. I was very proud to say about three weeks after taking the vitamins I have not observed any seizures. This is one great accomplishment in my life for my daughter. I would like other people to read this success story and see Dr. Maulfair before taking any medication. I am very excited.

J. J.

Our son, Adam, was born healthy and appeared to be development normally like his older brother Kevin until around 12 months of age. He is our middle child. Adam was exclusively breastfed for his first 6 months. We noticed the milestones for his age were not quite average. By 18 months old, Adam had lost all of the little bit of speech he had learned. He stopped speaking and replaced it with high-pitched screams. His tantrums became more frequent and he would no longer wave hello or good-bye. Instead, he would take your hand to wave to someone. He would hold his ears as though he heard sounds we could not. He'd cry while holding his head. Adam had moments when he would bang his forehead on the floor in frustration because he couldn't find a way to communicate. Sometimes his tantrums were severe for no apparent reason. We tried very hard to guess what he wanted to avoid his reactions. We took him out in public only when necessary because he seemed afraid, and we feared a public tantrum display. Adam also used to bite his right arm when he was upset. He would bite so hard that teeth marks were left in his skin. Adam had left many bite marks in our arms also because we'd try to stop him from hurting himself. Adam preferred to stare at his favorite videos which seemed to temporarily comfort him. The videos appeared to put him into a stare that on one could break. We thought and hoped that maybe he was just hard of hearing, or possibly had a correctable ear problem. It was as though he was slipping away from us into his own little world. Adam's diet became more limited week by week. He preferred to eat and would drink almost a half-gallon of milk himself. Milk seemed to affect him like a drug. His bowels were not moved often, and not normal when they were moved. He did only a little hand flapping, but we knew it was a behavioral characteristic of something more. Adam would only let his dad carry him around strangers with his head buried, and didn't show affection to his Nan and Pop. We took Adam for many evaluations including pediatricians, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, and an audiologist. The audiologist assured us his hearing was excellent, the neurologist also saw no problem. The pediatrician said to wait until he's three years old to evaluate the possibility of autism. The psychologist did observe his uniqueness and believed there was some type of developmental delay, so recommended a child psychiatrist. The psychiatrist doctor told us that he had PPD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), part of the spectrum of autism; the politically correct name of autism. All professional people up to this point told us there was nothing we could do to help our son, and that we needed to accept this fate. Some even suggested that this was genetic. Another suggested we learn sign language since many autistic children don't ever speak. We knew they were wrong, so we prayed to find the answers. Before Adam was two years of age, Conrad Maulfair, D.O. did diagnostic tests such as hair sampling, urinalysis, and stool testing, and even a blood test for a food sensitivity panel. The tests confirmed toxic levels of heavy metals, and imbalance of his minerals, and poor nutrient absorption. Adam's energy metabolism, Kreb's cycle, was working overtime to detoxify his body, and he had Candida yeast and bacterial overgrowth. Adam was sensitive to about 15 main foods. Physically he was in very poor health. To see such a handsome child, and at this correct weight for his age, you could not tell he wasn't in great health. We did two rounds of EDTA chelation for Adam, and we did see marked improvement each time. Retesting through urinalysis showed his toxic levels had decreased. Adam began drinking tremendous amounts of water, sometimes 64 oz. a day. He knew what his body needed, and he went through a cleansing period. When Adam was 19 months old, we were very hopeful and enthused to try nutritional healing and herbs for Adam. We faithfully supplemented his food with vitamins, minerals and herbs daily as guided by a Naturopath, never missing a dose. We removed cow's milk and wheat from his diet. We restricted sugar, almost completely. The first two weeks on these new supplements and diet, and Adam blurted out a word or two. We knew this was making a difference already. The self-abusive behavior, head banging and biting his arm, were happening less and less. Month by month, we noted differences toward improvement. When Adam was 2-1/2 years old we had behavioral therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists come to our home to work with him. Either he loved them or he hated them. We went through many different people. Adam decided who stayed and who didn't. We faithfully bathed Adam in warm sea salt and Epsom salt baths, and we still do. We studied the energy of Reiki, BodyWork and Integrated Energy Therapy to enhance Adam's healing. By age 3, everyone who knows Adam remarks how incredibly he has turned around. We slowly reintroduced the foods we had removed from his diet for 6 months, with no adversity. Today Adam has a healthy varied diet, probably better than the average three year old. We still avoid cow's milk and sugar, but he does eat it when he wants to. Adam still has Jori, a speech therapist and Lori, a teacher, come to see him. They say he is doing excellent and is age appropriate, which we knew would happen. He looks forward to playing with them one hour a week. Adam is 3-1/2 years ago now and we consider his former diagnosis reversed. Adam does not have a trace of his former autistic behaviors. He talks a lot, loves to play with his brothers and cousins, and loves dinosaurs. Adam is very affectionate to everyone he knows and is quite inquisitive about nature. All autistic symptoms have disappeared. Adam is eager to begin pre-school this fall as he turns 4 years old. He already knows his numbers, colors and letters. We believe that his natural ability to heal happened because we gave his body the chance to detoxify with natural remedies like herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and with the assistance of chelation. Adam still takes herbs, vitamins, and minerals, although much less than a year ago. We are grateful to God to have found the answer and want to share this good news with the world!

A. L.

Our son started having behavior problems at age three. Our pediatrician gave us two options. The first option was a book called "123 Magic" and we saw some improvements. The second option was to test him for ADHD and put him on medication. This was not an option we were willing to try. We found Dr. Maulfair when our son was five. Dr. Maulfair ran many tests and found several food sensitivities and some heavy metals. It has been a year and a half since we changed our diet and many of the cleaning and personal hygiene products we were using. During this time we have seen a tremendous change in Scott's behavior. He is 6 ½ now and in first grade. He just received his first report card and the teacher wrote, "It is a pleasure to have Scott in my class." That says it all. Thank you, Dr. Maulfair, Coleen and the rest of the staff at the Maulfair Medical Center. We are forever grateful.

R, B, and S S

My six year old daughter was diagnosed with some neurological problems when she was four years old. The original medical response was to use ritalin and prozac. She did not tolerate the Ritalin at all- it made her very anxious. The prozac initially helped, but she developed side effects. We then went to see Dr. Maulfair, who prescribed various vitamins and minerals. We had lots of blood work and other tests done and I started her on a gluten free diet. She is in a small classroom for part of the day, and in regular classroom for the rest. She is doing very well with the wholistic approach and I feel much better giving her vitamins and minerals than a prescription drug!

K. B.

One year ago, almost to the day, May 13, 2003 I first set foot in the Maulfair Medical Center. Although I didn't know it then, this was the place that would save my life and change it forever. At the time of my first visit, I had been in the hospital for three months. The doctors had me on a daily high dose of steroids which were killing me slowly even more than we suspected. I came to Dr. Maulfair with a very mysterious chronic lung disease. My symptoms
kept me from being able to even walk from one place in my apartment to the next without needing to rest and panting. I had a complete loss of appetite and even when I did eat, it would come back within 15 minutes max. I was always weak and coughing to the point of vomiting. The worst part of all this is that no one, from the Mayo Clinic to researchers at Yale and Harvard had the faintest clue as to what this might be. Not only did the sickness obviously affect me physically, but academically as well. Because of my repeated absences, running from a few hours to weeks on end, I had to repeat the ninth grade. Apparently I had nothing to be happy about. Dr. Maulfair's center was the perfect thing for me. He and his staff are always cherry and kind. This was a big help because healing is also a psychological process. By the next week, I was able to jog up the stairs that once were my worst enemy. Eating habits were improving and I was ready to begin classes that would bring me up to speed. When I went back to school, my friends had a real hard time believing that I was the same person. Teachers were crying out of joy and amazement. Dr. Maulfair changed what would have been a mysterious, sad and tragic death to a new and surprising beginning. Thanks a lot for all that you have done for me and continue to do.

M. C.