Health Restoration Successes — Asthma & Sinus Issues


I was an asthma patient for many years. I was 24 years old when I got my first attack of asthma. I was a farmer helping to thrash wheat that was stored in the barn and that got very dusty. From there on I had asthma. I had been doctoring with many doctors before I got help from Dr. Maulfair. That also took awhile until he found something that helped. I used to get injections but they only help for a few days then I had to get more injections until Dr. Maulfair came up with a solution. I am now 82 years old and do not have asthma anymore. It is about 8 years that I had the last attack. I can also be around cats and dogs which I could not do before. Give it try. I am sure Dr. Maulfair can help you too.

E. F.

I came to the Maulfair Medical Center in May for help with my asthma. I was always tired and didn't feel like doing anything. I can't be sure but I thought I felt different after just my first chelation treatment. Definitely by my second treatment I felt a change. After several treatments, I was able to stop some of my inhalers. In August I stopped all of my medications and inhalers. I can sleep at night without wheezing and have more energy. I also like the diet I'm on.

A. S.

My husband first introduced me to Chelation Therapy when he was seeking help from an unsuccessful prostate surgery. He returned again to Chelation Therapy to seek help for a respiratory condition. He was diagnosed and treated for asthma without success. Three weeks after starting Chelation again he was able to drop all medicine and inhalers for the asthma. I decided to try Chelation because of a circulation problem I developed a few years ago. The pain in my ankles became so severe that I couldn't walk ten feet without halting pain. I felt as though my ankles were wrapped in chains that tightened as I walked. I had an ultra sound right before our 50th anniversary trip to Alaska when they found blockage in both legs and 60% blockage in my neck. My blood pressure was very high also. I was scared! I knew Chelation Therapy would be my only hope. So, I began this therapy with my husband. After the 4th treatment I noticed relief from the pain in my legs. Now I can walk for more than an hour without stopping. My blood pressure is regulated and I feel better than I have in years. My husband and I are grateful to Dr. Maulfair and his medical staff for the healthful benefits we have found. With Chelation Therapy we have the ability to actually get better so that we can enjoy our golden years together.

E. S.

Vastly Improved. After taking fifteen Chelation Therapy treatments and supplements prescribed at the Maulfair Medical Center my sinus condition has improved. Blood pressure is normal, lost weight; legs feel better, decreased the medication of the blockage in my heart. Also, improvement in my skin.

W. G. R.

The first day I saw Dr. Maulfair I complained of allergies, sinusitis and insomnia. With my allergy I could not be around dogs and cats without suffering, or when I would go for a walk I would feel miserable from blowing my nose and being all stuffed up. Now after the sixth oxidative treatment I am allergy free. My sinusitis is 75% gone and I am sleeping so much better than the day I walked into the doctor's office. I now feel like a million because I stick with my diet and get exercise every day by going for a long brisk walk. I can thank no one but Dr. Maulfair and myself. The Doctor told me what to do and I followed through.

Yours truly,
C. W.

The summer was drawing to an end and school was about to begin. I was looking forward to beginning a new school with new people, a new beginning. Suddenly I began to get terrible headaches every day, to the point that I was barely able to move my head. Then came the fevers, every day I would experience fevers, the lowest of which was 102.5. Next, (as if that was not enough) I had a complete loss of appetite, to the point where if I ate, it would come straight up. Last but not least, I would experience bouts of breathlessness which results in lots of violent coughing which resulted in me throwing up bile. After two weeks of staying at home, taking Motrin like water, my family finally decided that it was best to take me to the hospital. The doctors at the Montifiore Children's Hospital had no hesitations in admitting me. It would be a long time until I ever went outside again. Doctors ran tests from AIDS to cancer, cancer to tularemia and the list goes on. In all, I was tested for over 25 diseases, none of which resulted in any progress in treating or diagnosing me. After six weeks and countless antibiotics and treatments, the doctors finally decided on steroids. ON 64 mg of steroids, I was moved out of the ICU, brought down from 10 liters of oxygen to none. It was obvious that I was doing better and would be out of the hospital soon. My family was rejoicing not knowing what the huge dosage of steroids was doing to me. I was finally able to begin school in October. Soon enough, I was tapered off of the steroids. Unfortunately after only a few weeks, my symptoms returned and I was re-admitted to the hospital and put back on the steroids. After spending another two weeks in the hospital, I went back to school after spring break. So there I was, back to school after the spring break. It had been two days into the third semester when I began to feel really bad chest pains. They were spreading to my left arm. I was certain I was having a heart attack. I was brought to the hospital. The doctors told me that I had a pneumothorax. I was looking at another two weeks in the hospital. When I was finally out, I began to feel the symptoms that lead me to my six week stay at the hospital. For this reason, I was kept home from school. The temperatures got higher and higher each day. My mother was reluctant to send me back to the hospital again and have me back on the steroids again. There we were at the end of the road. What were we going to do now? Words could not express our luck when a family friend told my mother about the Maulfair Medical Center. Although my mother was skeptical about alternative medicine, when we came to meet Dr. Maulfair I had a gut feeling that everything would be okay. After my first oxidative treatment, I was 40% better the next day. It took months for the steroids to make me feel half as good as I did in a day and a half. We continued therapy where I received oxidative therapy and a mega dose of vitamin C and glutathione. After three months, I am not just back to my normal self, but better. An experience like this only comes once in a lifetime. Treatment from the Maulfair Medical Center has made me believe that everyone owes it to him/herself to come to the Maulfair Medical Center and become a better person on the inside and out.

M. C.


I've been plagued with chronic sinus problems for over 20 years and have seen numerous conventional doctors in an attempt to alleviate sporadic symptoms which included postnasal drip, tinnitus, dizziness, nauseousness, impaired vision and violent vomiting. They treated these symptoms with acetaminophen and pseudoephedrine type medications (and two sinus operations) which provided temporary relief; however, none of them suggested tests to determine what the underlining cause of my almost continuous grief was about! I did not question their superficial approach since I trusted doctors back then. I simply paid all their bills and hoped for the best. I have come to realize that "I" must be responsible for my health maintenance…since I have the only real invested interest. Eventually, I came to hear of "holistic" medicine and ultimately became a patient of the Maulfair clinic. After attending several of their philosophy lectures (which were presented in layman terms) a thorough health history interview was conducted, and hair, blood, urine, and stool analysis work-ups were done on me. I was then given an easy to read and understand booklet listing my allergies and high/low natural element levels and outlining what I should and should not be eating (many food allergies are at the root of my problems mentioned above.) I was placed on a daily regimen of nutrients and anti-yeast medicine to deal with the intestinal tract candida which apparently has infested my digestive tract for a long time. Intravenous oxidative therapy was ultimately added to my treatment. After five months, I have realized MUCH sinus relief. Also, an almost continuous pain in my lower right abdomen area has all but stopped and a "tired right leg problem" which I have been developing over the course of years due to an inherited blood circulation problem has ceased. I have lost 25 pounds of weight too. If the information presented to me at the onset of my treatment is correct, I have begun to clean out the "junk" build-ups in my veins/arteries in addition to dealing with candida. Sauce for the goose! Recently Dr. Maulfair has successfully adjusted my back with Osteopathic procedures to relieve pain from a back/hip structural misalignment. Another aspect of being a Maulfair patient is the fact that one is not rushed NOR talked down to during doctor visits and their staff are not only courteous to patients but to each other. The relaxed atmosphere promotes a very positive experience and gives one the feeling of being cared for without that familiar "assembly line" quick see/prescribe/pay/out-the-door routine.

R. H.