eye floaters

S2 Ep19 - Dr Abel, Visionary Ophthalmologist and Macular Rock Star

Robert Abel, Jr, MD is Dr Maulfair's special guest on this episode. Dr Abel is a Visionary Ophthalmologist, Macular Rock Star, and Medical Historian. He has his own podcast: “The Wizard of Eyes.” Mehmet Oz, MD (Dr Oz) has been quoted saying "Dr Robert Abel is a healer for the 21st century." Dr Abel integrates modern medicine, alternative remedies, and natural options into his unique approach to eye care and mind-body wellness.

Do you suffer from blurriness, glare while driving at night, tired eyes, macular degeneration, headaches, eye strain, or have trouble with close objects or small print? You definitely need to listen to this episode. You'll learn so many fascinating things about our eyes, that most people — even including eye doctors — don't realize. Hear some of the amazing things about our "windows to the body" or "windows to the soul." You'll learn about the retina being an extension of the brain. In fact, because of that, many connections can be made between the health of the eye and the brain, including early Alzheimer's detection and more.

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