Ep 044 - Early Detection of Heart Attack and Stroke Before It’s Too Late - Todd Eldredge, CEO, CardioRisk Laboratories 

The number one cause of mortality is cardiovascular disease. CardioRisk Laboratories is a world-class service company focused on early detection and monitoring of cardiovascular disease. On this episode, Dr Maulfair's welcomes Todd Eldredge, the CEO of CardioRisk Laboratories.

Hear how:

  • You could look inside your patients’ arteries to see if they were covered in plaque?
  • You could not only see the atherosclerotic burden, but could also predict your patient’s risk of experiencing a heart attack, stroke, or other ischemic event.
  • You could measure the degree of inflammation in the arterial wall or the size of the plaque that may contribute to the most common cause of death in America — heart disease?

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