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Like It Is With Most Things...Fix the Right Thing and It All Changes

If the power company has a power outage in your area you will not return to full power by changing a light bulb.  If your brakes are out on your car changing the oil will not help.  If your house is a mess it will not improve if you take a walk.  If you have headaches constantly it may be “all in your head” but taking a psyche drug does not handle it.  If you have a medical condition taking a drug for it will not solve the reason you have it, but it may mask the symptoms.  Taking a drug for depression will not handle the fact that your family member has died.
Health care needs to change but not in the ways proposed by the government.  If you have high blood pressure taking a drug to control it does not solve the problem;  the reason it is high is undiscovered.  Having your blood pressure checked is not preventive medicine but taking action to avoid developing high blood pressure in the first place is prevention.

The thing you could concentrate on is demanding doctors and other health care workers discover WHY something is what it is and fix that!  Find the cause of your health problems.  Do not accept any masking treatment protocols but rather insist on getting help to find the cause.

Here are some startling facts provided by Grace E Jackson, MD in a 2010 presentation entitled “Psychiatric Drugs“  based on her experiences while employed as a clinician and Medical Director within several agencies that deliver publicly funded services to the mentally ill.   She cites  The Department of Veteran Affairs comparison of death rates of demented veterans who avoided psychiatric drugs to those who took newer antipsychotic medication or old “conventional” antipsychotic medication.  Of 12,821 patients who avoided these medications  18% died within one year.  Of the 10,615  veterans who experienced treatment with antipsychotic drugs the outcome was  quite different;  23%  of veterans died within 1 year who took newer antipsychotic meds, 25% of veterans who took older antipsychotic meds died within 1 year and 29% of those who took both (sequentially or concurrently) died within one year.

The United States comprises 4.5% of the world’s population but consumes 90% of the stimulant sales, 63% of the antipsychotics, 51% of the antidepressants.  Our enemies will have an easy time of it because drugs cause apathy, inaction and disinterest in life by the user.

What about the deaths caused by properly prescribed medications? Dr. Barbara Starfield, in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 2000, pointed out that her research estimated the adverse effects of medication taken exactly as prescribed resulted in 106,000 inpatient deaths due to the pharmaceuticals and 199,000 outpatient deaths due to pharmaceuticals EACH YEAR.  In 2006 there were 629,191 deaths in the US attributed to cardiac disease, 560,102 due to cancer and 305,000 due to adverse drug reactions.  There is not a physician in existence that could possibly predict which of his patients are going to die due to a properly prescribed pharmaceutical drug.  Some doctors are not willing to live with that.  Some doctors have decided to look for other ways to help patients.  When you minimize prescription use you have to find out what CAUSES a patient to have a problem and then,  addressing that cause, you can figure out what the body is missing resulting in poor health or you can figure out what toxin is causing the difficulty.  It is not glamorous to talk to patients about their diet and exercise habits, it is not glamorous to prescribe nutrients to handle deficiencies but guess what… it avoids unnecessary complications and patients like it when they get better.  It is simple when someone breaks a leg to make the right recommendations to heal the leg, it is obvious what needs to be done when someone is pregnant, it is obvious to decide what to do when someone is in a car wreck and requires surgery but those solutions do not work for the common everyday chronic health problems like digestive disorders, fatigue, headaches, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis…. and on and on.  Those problems are chronic, complex and deserve a comprehensive evaluation that is unique for that patient and results in clear paths to solutions and the alleviation of the problem.  Yep, restoring circulation and wiping out aches and pain and increasing energy are things any conscientious doctor can help you with.

 We need real health care and real health care reform and we are not going to see effective medical care until we demand it.  It will take the public outcry to change any of this so start talking if you care.  You know, organic food did not magically appear in the grocery stores, it was demanded by enough of us for someone to finally listen and then competition took over.  Competition for your interest and your health care dollars will change America for the better so start talking about what you want.

It is Embarrassing

When you seek the advice of your doctor for an ailment and the prescription pad comes out what follows can be months of addiction to a mind altering drug or painkiller.  So many people inadvertently find they are addicted to pain killers and antidepressants when they were not warned it could happen.  It is embarrassing and tough to deal with but it can change.
As it happens there are professionals, and others of course, trapped into a drug habit they cannot kick because to do so would involve time off work and the chance their employers or board of directors will find out they have a problem.  The unresolved pain or condition becomes the  justification for continuing to use medication; still depressed or having panic attacks creates a need to stay on the meds.  Continuing problems  justifies the drug use.  It might help to understand that some doctors have been brainwashed into offering prescriptions as the only treatment choice.  They do not have anything else to offer and some patients do not think they have been helped if they do not walk away with a prescription.  To compound the problem, as a  patient,  you  get the idea,  when  medication suppresses pain or symptoms, the problem is  alleviated.  Suppressing pain is not the answer.  Turning a person into someone who does not care and cannot feel the pain anymore does not heal the problem, it suppresses it.  Actual help is the discovery and alleviation of the underlying cause of the difficulty.  Thankfully this new medical paradigm is becoming readily available in most areas of the country.  There are thousands of doctors who are medical detectives and can help you out with minimal use of prescriptions drugs, often avoiding prescriptions completely.   There is no question we need strong drugs when there are injuries requiring surgery with the aftermath of pain but mind altering drugs as a daily treatment is not a good idea. 

Dr. Maulfair, attending a recent dinner given for doctors in our area as part of the CME requirements, asked the speaker, who was citing serotonin levels as justification for mind altering drug treatment, what the specific  test was for determining serotonin levels in the brain of a patient.  The speaker, paid by the drug company, stammered and said there was not one but “it would not matter anyway”.  He thought there might be some new blood test that would measure some such thing.  Fact is – no test to measure such things.  The science does not exist to justify these drugs.

Depression, anxiety attacks, and pain are solved by doctors who care to discover the underlying reason of the symptom.  Taking high quality mineral nutrients is the answer for some, the proper bio-identical hormones for others and life style and dietary changes for others works.  Long walks and high dose vitamin D can be an answer as well.  Is your doctor making such recommendations?  Are they asking you questions that might reveal an underlying cause of your pain, whether physical or emotional?  Are they recommending searching diagnostics to discover the reasons why?  Do you need a chiropractor or physical therapist?

Why should we care?  Because being happy, feeling well and strong is so important.  Life cannot be easy and productive when you do not feel well.  You cannot feel well when you are drugged, high, uncoordinated, or somehow miss seeing your actual environment.  You cannot duplicate intentions of people and conversations when you are drugged, you misunderstand and do nonsequitur things causing upsets with the people around you; so it is a vicious cycle of not doing well both in life and physically.  All this becomes very important when you find yourself 40+,  the consequences of bad medical care start to add up and  compound as we age.

Find a doctor who has more to offer than a pharmaceutical drugs.  Use prescriptions only when they are essential and strive to lessen their use and you will be and feel better!  When you ask for less medication and better recommendations than a prescription you will bring about  change in the medical profession that is so badly needed.  Doctors want to help you and you will get them thinking about another way to go about healing.  When that happens we will have restored the patient/doctor relationship.

Standard Medicine Has Gone Nuts!!

The latest news  being sent to doctors is that there are “residual symptoms” of depression!  Wow! News?  They have such a hard time admitting drugging people is not as effective as they think it should be!  When they treat people they wind up with “residual symptoms”.  I wonder if this is the PR move to counteract the fact that the Department of Justice is investigating the bribery of  doctors by big pharma in the drugging of people?  The idea that we drug people who have problems in their lives is abhorrent to me.  Surprise!  There are symptoms the drugs do not address.   More clearly, they do not work!
The other news this week involved a study that exposed the fact of children being much more likely to be labeled with ADHD and drugged if they were the youngest in the class.  That’s right.  These kids are guilty of being born in the fall and therefore somewhat younger and perhaps more immature than other classmates.  Gee, a penalty for being young is a drug everyday.  With this news of course follows paragraphs of the failure of these drugs to help in the long run and showcases the horrendous side effects.

I hope this news means more people will take the time to consider new approaches, or  in the case of students, old approaches of educating kids instead of drugging them.   We had hard to handle people in every classroom I have ever been in and the teachers were the answer.  Good teachers.  In the case of depression and other mental problems how about a searching physical looking for deficiencies of nutrients or toxic exposures or undiscovered physical illness, all of which can give a person a hopeless and depressed feeling.  Let’s do more.  Five minutes and prescription pad is not helping.  Tons of money in your pocket for talks given to other doctors is being exposed and so are the junkets to exotic places for meetings. 

One day everyone will have the kind of medical I enjoy.  A doctor who listens and cares for me and does not offer me drugs but rather wonders why I have symptom and finds out whats up.  When you solve the problem of malfunctioning of the body and handle that there is no need to give a person a toxin.  All drugs are toxins as far as your body’s response to them.

Psychiatric Fads and Overdiagnosis | Psychology Today

Psychiatric Fads and Overdiagnosis | Psychology Today.   This important article is a must for family health.  Please take a moment to read it and pass it along to all your friends and family.  The only way you and those you love with avoid unneccessary drugging and labels whether young or old is to advocate for yourself.  Make sure you do not accept pharmaceutical drugs for life’s problems, they make you less able not more able.  Whether a child or one of elderly, trapped in situations where they rely on your care because they have no voice of their own, the need is strong to have someone with knowledge of pitfalls of medicine to care for them and represent them when in doctors offices, nursing homes, or hospitals.