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Scientific Basis of Chelation Therapy, Intravenous Style !!

One of our chelation patients wrote us:  “In 2001 I had a catheter test at Reading Hospital and was found to have 3 blocked arteries: one 50%,  one 70%, and one 80% blocked.  In 2012 this test was repeated and all my arteries were found to be clear – NO BLOCKAGES.  I have been doing chelation therapy for the past several years, and it appears to have been very successful.  Thank  you Dr. Maulfair!! “   This could be anyone’s result with a program which includes nutrients, dietary recommendations, exercise, periodic intravenous chelation treatments and a good doctor on your side.
Heart disease does not have to be a death sentence or a prescription for invasive surgeries and procedures.  Dr. Maulfair combines the best of both worlds in health care;  he has and does recommend invasive procedures when they are indicated but as  you might imagine that is not very often if you know how to treat chronic diseases for the long haul.  He understands the inflammatory process that underlies heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, PVD and other problems of aging.

This result does not happen with oral chelation therapy – taking the active “amino acid” by mouth.  It does not happen in the hospital with surgery and drug therapy.  Here are the facts that make chelation a winner in the treatment of all things aging and circulatory.  Did you know your heart grows arteries on its own to bypass a blockage?  Medical term is collateral circulation; you will find this term on a report of a catherization but the importance is not discussed with the patient.  Did you know heavy metal toxicity is often found to be the cause of high blood pressure, heart and circulatory problems.  Write to us if you have a cardiologist  who tests for metal toxicity.  Have you decided medicine is foremost a huge business interest?  You will not easily find positive chelation information as it is suppressed actively by ordinary medical system.  Patients of ours have been told by doctors associated with the Reading hospital that if they continue to see Dr. Maulfair they will not be welcome and will be dropped by their cardiologist and other doctors.  Is this compassionate health care provided in your best interest?  In an other area of medicine parents have told us that if they do not vaccinate their children the pediatrician will not continue to see their child.

The arm twisting of the American public needs to stop.  I know… not likely but I am finally fed up and will not be quiet.  I am a Mom and aunt and grandmother and a wife.  I have relationships with people I love and whose health I want to protect;  I am totally and completely fed up by what I hear and see around me.

I am happy for our patients, they have Dr. Maulfair.  Good.  But what about the rest of the world that is so perfectly misled.  What about the people who like to be misled because they want to be part of the group.  Thank  God there those amongst us, like my husband, who do what is right and not what is only popular!!  The scientific basis for intravenous chelation therapy needs no more further study but it will get it and that is fine.  For decades there are people who have benefitted and now is the time to tell your friends and family while we are still free to pursue such a treatment modality.  We have a few months of freedom left in this country, perhaps it is a limited number of months, so be healthy – do whatever you can to become better because it is the only way to defeat  becoming a slave to a medical system gone wild.  Even those connected with “wholistic” or “alternative medicine” have robbed us by claiming oral chelation pills get the results intravenous chelation therapy has proven to provide.  It is the money.  When money is your highest principal you lose your way to the truth no matter what field you examine.

I, for one, am tired of the lies.


My Impressions and Response to the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy Recently Completed by the NIH. Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr. D.O.

Chelation Therapy is a wonderfully effective, safe, comprehensive program that can benefit people with chronic degenerative diseases.  People with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, lack of energy and problems of aging can experience a resurgence of energy and life quality.  This program is not new.  It has been studied and offered to patients by many progressive physicians to hundreds of thousands of thankful people world wide for over 60 years.  Patients who receive chelation therapy experience their quality of life improve first hand.  The doctors who provide individualized programs enjoy their observations of their patients’ improvements.
It makes our day that we are no longer alone in these observations; the United States government via the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a study on chelation therapy.  The study called TACT, Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy, started in 2003.  The results were just announced at the American Heart Association’s meeting November 4, 2012.  The results were positive.

People in this trial who received Chelation Therapy had decreased hospitalizations for angina, compared to the control group.  There were fewer deaths from heart attacks and strokes for the patients receiving chelation therapy.  The chelation patients also needed less bypass surgeries and angioplasties; the findings were especially positive for patients who also suffered from diabetes.  Chelation Therapy reduced cardiac events by 18% and by 39% for diabetic patients.  The total reduction in cardiac events was statistically significant.  Physicians conducting the study included university cardiologists and experienced chelation physicians.

Keep in mind  all study participants had a previous heart problem before beginning the trial, 83% had either bypass surgeries, angioplasty with or without stents. The majority of participants had high blood pressure and 73% had been prescribed cholesterol lowering statin drugs.  One thousand seven hundred people participated in the study.  An additional finding was the unquestionable safety of Chelation Therapy.

Considering the decrease need for angioplasty and bypass surgery would you be surprised to see the cardiology and cardiovascular surgeons less than enthusiastic about the study results?

Those of us who have been trained to provide Chelation Therapy for the benefit of our patients have known for many years the wide range of improvement possible for our patients.  Through thick and thin our care has been without support in the main from mainstream medicos, so we welcome the scientific evidence from a large clinical trial that confirms some of the many benefits we have observed in our patients.

Truth be told, however, if the study was not positive I would have continued to provide Chelation Therapy to my patient family and continued my own Chelation program.  I know the benefits of providing Chelation Therapy after forty years of providing this care in clinical practice.  I see PVD, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes abate all the time.  Some of our diabetic patients no longer require insulin injections.

I am willing to talk with any sincere person about any aspect of this study.  I welcome your questions.

Best in health,

Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr. D.O>

Dr Maulfair's Thoughts for Today - Medical Establishment Runs Scared

I am an osteopathic physician, for those unfamiliar osteopathic physicians we are trained and practice in all medical arenas.  The reason we are special is our additional basic training in osteopathic manipulative therapy and idea that symptoms are an indication of abnormal function and not the disease itself.  So although you cannot tell an MD from a DO these days it used to be easy. DO’s used to search for the underlying cause of an ailment and used prescriptive drugs sparingly.  I am very old fashioned.
Just as we are anticipating the National Institute of Health’s results from a study on chelation therapy and its effect in heart disease, comes noise from the American College of Medical Toxicology.  At their recent conference, as described by the newsletter from the Alliance for Natural Health USA, they attacked chelation therapy as dangerous and this conference was for CME hours for physicians.  If these doctors bought the brainwash, they have relegated themselves to health problems as they age because they will not avail themselves of chelation therapy.  Heart disease, high blood pressure and auto immune diseases await them as they do all of us as well.

We, however, will escape health problems as we age, as will our patients, because we have examined the myriad of medical proof of years of study and hundreds of articles citing the benefits of chelation therapy for the problems of aging including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and the aging process itself.  If you want to age gracefully, with vigor, seek chelation therapy.  You have the backing of the Saunders medical textbook entitled “Cardiovascular Drug Therapy” and its chapter on chelation therapy and how it works along with its 65 references.  Or perhaps you would be more impressed to know that JAMA published an article relating small amounts of lead in the body to the development of high blood pressure.  Although that article did not suggest how to remove the lead, we know how.  They also relate accumulated lead in the body to the development of cataracts in men in a separate article.  Or perhaps you need the assurance that you are on the right track in healing from the article in “Neuro Toxicology Letters” which discussed the relationship of mercury in laboratory animal brains with lesions similar to those of alzheimer’s patients.  Heavy metal in the body causes disease processes.  Medical research has validated that fact.

Now, knowing that, what do they recommend to remove metals?  Apparently they have an aversion to you being helped.  They have no recommendation.  They will do surgery which does not remove lead, they will add to the toxicity of your body by giving you drugs but they will not address the cause of metal toxicity and they will not even test your levels of lead when you turn up with heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Why?  Because it is political, financial and “how do I explain my position to the good ole boys” problem for the establishment and they need the comfort of the masses at the club.