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Increasing Costs in Health Care...Heads up!

We are passing along a bit of information to help illustrate the problems we face now and in the future as a society dealing with health concerns of any kind.  Dr. Maulfair has been helping people who come to him with many effective medical modalities seldom resorting to pharmaceutical drugs.  Easy to do, he concentrates on health and keeping people healthy or restoring their health when they are suffering from chronic health conditions.  His practice involves many effective, simple treatments and one product he likes to use for people with skin problems related to an underlying bodywide candida problem is a cream.  Patients cost has been $60.  This cream has been available for years and is very effective.
We are now, suddenly, unable to offer it unless at great expense to our patients.  One supplier’s price is over $400 and the other, cheaper, wholesale is $149.  So what do you think?  Do you see the connection to the rising costs of health care devices and treatments ahead of the Obama care mandates?  We do.  The companies must do pricing to try to recover some of the anticipated taxes for devices and medical treatments ahead of the implementation soon to come.

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