Health Facts, You Might Have Been Mislead

Health news includes research from the New England Journal of Medicine showing that niacin is more effective in improving cardiovascular disease than expensive drugs that lower cholesterol like Zetia and Vytorin.  Physicians wrote prescriptions of more than 29 million contributing to the worldwide sales of 4.56 billion.  When it comes to profits and money motives you could get a bum steer if you do not know how your body works.
When you have disease or just a few symptoms you know something about the normal function of your body has gone awry.  Here is a definition for you from Stedman’s Medical Dictionary: “cholesterol n. A white crystalline substance found in animal tissues and various foods, normally synthesized by the liver and important as a constituent of cell membranes and a precursor to steroid hormones.  Its level in the bloodstream can influence the pathogenesis of certain conditions, such as the development of atherosclerotic plaque and coronary artery disease.”

If you have attended Dr. Maulfair’s seminar you know the rest of the story with many examples and scientific backing that ONLY when the cholesterol is DAMAGED by free radicals does it become a problem and develop into a disease process.  Cholesterol is a major constituent of the membrane around the billions of cells your body is made up of.  The liver makes cholesterol and you need it.  I am not a scientist but I bet if you take a drug that limits cholesterol your liver will make more to keep up.  Stedman’s also has this definition: ” Cholesterolosis n. A condition marked by the abnormal deposition of cholesterol, as in tissues or blood vessels.“  So lets wonder why cholesterol gets deposited in tissues where it does not belong.  The real question to figure out is what is happening in your body and why.  If you just stop to think for a minute you will discover that all drugs are unnatural and considered by your body to be toxins.  They interrupt normal functions you might actually need.  You need to find out WHY you have a non-optimum condition.

There is no substitute for looking for the reasons, causes of problems.  You know this from living life, when you find the right reason why the solution comes naturally.  If you have a leak in your water pipes you cannot add some substance and fix it you have to find it and repair it.  If you fail to find it you still have the leak, and it will progress and create more problems.  When you find the exact cause you have no more leak.  So take the time to study a bit.  Find seminars given by people in health care and look at who is paying for the meeting.  Follow the money.  Pull out the dictionary and start looking up the words dealing with your condition and you will find the real answers.

You are the guinea pig.  Many people have had serious side effects from limiting cholesterol with drugs.  Muscle weakness, liver problems and some digestive problems have been a direct result of drug usage.  There are more studies, you need to look for them and then get busy improving your health with better dietary choices and antioxidants in the proper amounts. 

Good luck -we wish for you a year of knowledge and independence from drugs!!  We will save some health care dollars too!