Care Partner Network of the Cancer Centers of America

Dr. Maulfair and the Maulfair Medical Center recently are named in the Partnership of  Cancer Centers of America cancer aftercare program.  They cite the stats of MD Anderson study that indicates that “even after very long periods of survivorship ( over 18 years in the study) more than a third of patients in the study were still healing with physical issues relating to their treatment.”
We are a very special place of health and wellness with treatment modalities that are noninvasive and support the body’s normal function.  Look at the paragraph above again.  People suffer with health effects from the TREATMENTS given when they have cancer.  As an example the chemotherapeutic agents remain in the body along with the contaminants that could cause cancer in the first place.  We can help with the body load of toxins.  Heavy metal contamination can cause cancer to develop.  The chemicals we are exposed to remain in ours bodies until something effective is done to remove them.  Check out and to learn more.  Contact us and we will send you studies and results of patients we have helped.

We are happy to be named as a center where people can find help after cancer strikes.  C