Becoming a Mom Attracts the Crazies

Please Please Please inform yourself of the Mother’s Act now under consideration in both the House and Senate.  Contact your representatives and tell them you do not want them to set up a system to screen every new and prospective Mom for mental illness.  Being a Mom is not a subcategory of crazy.  Being a Mom should not attract the psyches and the drug companies.  We need freedom from unnecessary medical costs and unnecessary peeking into our private lives.  We need freedom from drugs for every little thought we might have and every condition of living.
Personally you need a new screening  attribute added to the other qualifications you have for selecting a doctor to help you with your pregnancy and birth.  You must ask if he screens mothers for mental illness and depression.  If she/he does avoid them like the plague.  The treatment is mind altering drugs.   Those same drugs the murderous moms used when they flew into a frenzy and killed their own kids.  Look into it.

Ask most “already” Moms, they will tell you there were times after they give birth to their children they felt lonely and depressed.  I noticed a strange “emptiness” I had never experienced before some days and weeks after my son was born.  Makes sense to me.  I was empty.  After all those months of constant togetherness we were now rooms apart. Of course the normal hormonal adjustments can be very hard for some women too.  They are not mentally ill.  Being a Mom is not a set up for mental illness.

Or is it?  The world of pharmaceutical drugs is a world gone mad. They must be taking their own poisons.  Every single day of everyones’ life, if asked, or screened, you could find their qualifiers for the label of depression or any other trumphed up mental illness.  This is pure marketing and it is about to become law unless you help and tell your congress people not to vote for this measure.  Click here Now and inform yourself.