Real Health Care Reform

We desperately need a health care system to replace our disease care system. Pharmaceutical drugs lead to more drugs and and declining health and we are being misled by the pharma-medical industrial complex. Who wants to give up the best emergency care system in the world? We do not. However, when you are talking about heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and the tens of other chronic conditions heroic measures in stainless steel operating rooms are not going to help.
We need a new look and we need to take our bodies back and demand to control who we see as a physician and which treatments we select based on our knowledge and desire. You will never convince this girl that a drug is best, the least bit for the shortest amount of time is the answer. I have been there done that.  I broke my back in a car wreck and have forever been thankful and full of warm thoughts about the emergency surgeon who helped me. There was one guy though who was on the take, a neurologist who insisted that if he did not put a rod in my back I would not walk. I said watch me. I knew he would be eternally available to do surgery any day of any month because that is what he was into. He was also a money making unethical nasty guy. I walk, I talk and take advice from my now husband, the famous osteopathic physician who has been thinking outside the box for over 35 years. It is a much longer story.  The aftermath of this accident left me with digestive problems I handled four years later when I met my husband and took his advice.   The moral is be in charge of your health, realize medicine is a business and if the pharmaceutical companies could have every one of us on cholesterol lowering drugs, drugs for depression and high blood pressure they would be looking past all that for next market. They are doing that today, now, as we contemplate our health care dollars spent in the most wasteful of ways.

Chronic problems are greatly helped by a change in lifestyle, toxic exposure reduction, the correct dietary plan and supplements, organic and/or at the minimum fresh foods.

If the new administration is anything it is a chance to speak up and make sure your legislators know you want to be in  charge of your health care dollars.  If you fail to take action big government will back the expensive, unworkable system we now have and expand pharma- medical big business.  Speak up.